Wargamer Weekly: Behind Enemy Lines

By Joe Robinson 13 Jul 2018 0

I’ve just about finished with catching up from everything I missed out on while I was on vacation. Due to the higher volume of news posts that went up this week’s it’s meant there’s not a lot left to fill out a Wargamer Weekly.

There’s some dev diaries here and there (especially for Hearts of Iron 4) that we haven’t written up this week. The content schedule should be back to normal next week.

Meanwhile, in the world of wargaming…

Commandos Makes a Return

Not quite a wargame, but the Commandos series is a classic of WW2 stealth/strategy gaming. This week it emerged that Kalypso Media, known for games like Tropico and Sudden Strike 4, have acquired all of the intellectual property of Pyro Studios.


This may not mean much to begin with, until you recall that Pyro were the dev team behind Commandos, as well as Imperial Glory and Praetorians. Kalypso have already confirmed that not only will they be making new games within with franchises they’ve acquired, they will also be adapting existing games for modern platforms. Whether or not Pyro themselves will be involved is unclear – as the new owners of the IP, Kalypso can do what they want with whoever they want with these games now.

Armored Brigade Beta

Not much news from Slitherine and Matrix Games this week as they were busy with the release of their 40K/4X game Gladius – Relics of War. Our sister site Strategy Gamer has a review if you’re interested.


What may be of interest though is the fact that Armored Brigade has now entered Beta. We were quite impressed with it when we played it last year, and you can go here if you also want to give it a try.

That’s all for this week. Enjoy your weekends and happy gaming!



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