Wargamer Weekly - Black Friday 2019

By Joe Robinson 29 Nov 2019 0

This is another short and sweet update, mainly because it's Thanksgiving and not a lot has been happening this week in addition to what we’ve already covered. If you were expecting our BLOCKS! Julius Caesar review this week, that game has been delayed until December 11th, as is our review.

We’ve also finally gotten around to doing a review of Strategic Mind (it’s not every good, apparently), which we’ll put live next week.

Meanwhile, in the world of wargamings...

Notable Black Friday Sales

Black Friday 2019 Further Reading

As well as the ‘Winter Wars’ special we posted on Wednesday, here’s a recap of some other ‘Further Reading’ articles you may want to check out.

New Game Alert! Brass Brigade

This was spotted going up at the very end of last week, after we’d done our update. Brass Brigade more ‘action’ than wargame, but it seems to have some interesting tech powering it. While the aesthetic is a bit cartoony, everything else seems to be reasonably authentic and it gives you a lot of customisation options for iconic WW2 battles you can fight. You can also scale up the bots depending on how powerful your machine is. It’s single-player only, but might be interesting for a more ‘immersive’ experience and purely wargaming.

Field of Glory 2 Update

FOG2 has gotten another update, bringing it to version 1.5.23. Along with some minor bug fixes, this patch mainly looks at changing the meta around Heavy Weapons and how they perform in relation to POA and armour advantage. Here are the full details:

  • Heavy Weapon: Now cancels only the first 50 POA of enemy armour advantage. As previously, units with less than 100% HW remove only the equivalent proportion of the enemy armour advantage, but this is now explicitly stated in the detailed unit information panel (CTRL-LEFT click).
  • (The effect of the above is that 100% HW units will still cancel all armour advantage vs Armoured or less well-protected units, but more heavily armoured enemy will retain some armour advantage if the HW troops are significantly less well armoured.)
  • Heavy Weapon: Armoured or better-protected troops with Heavy Weapon get an extra +10 POA in melee vs all troops except elephants.

Correction: Despite what we thought as of Friday afternoon, it turns out Combat Mission: Fortress Italy did come out this weekend. Read this thread on Grogheads for more details, and also take it as a cautionary tale on how easily customer communications can go wrong.

That’s all we’ve got time for this week - enjoy your weekends!



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