Wargamer Weekly: For Want of a Segue

By Joe Robinson 08 Sep 2017 0

After a quick interlude to read The First Fifteen Lives of Harry August, I’ve returned to my historical non-fiction with The Norman Conquest, by Marc Morris. It looks in detail into the events leading up the Battle of Hastings in 1066, as well as events leading up to the Death of the Conqueror himself.

1066 remains THE most defining moment in English history, and I’d even rank it in the top five of defining moments for European History. It’s difficult, of course, to know whether my country would have ended up largely the same or not had the Normans not taken over (and the poisonous ties with France that produced), but I like to think things could have been significantly different had William not won the day.

It’s been a slow week in the world of wargaming again, so might as well get to it. Not even a good segue to make use of!

Matrix Games/Slitherine

Less wargame news and more general strategy news this week for Matrix Games & Slitherine, but there still might be some things you’re interested in.

For starters, fans of Campaign Series: Middle East 1948 – 1985 might be interested In reading the modding guide one of the developers put together. The game's been out since 2015, so there's a fair few mods available already, although we only got around to reviewing it last July.


Battlestar Galactica Deadlock is still making waves after its released last week, and it’s recently been updated to version 1.05. This makes me sad in particular because they’ve nerfed how powerful fighters are. Bye Bye Strike Force Viper.

At the same time, the company has also shared some thoughts on a possible road-map for future Deadlock content. In the short term they’re going to be focusing on fixing the video playback and recording. But medium & long term could see anything from persistent battle damage, to a more in-depth campaign layer.

Finally, Polaris Sector is getting an expansion called Lumens, which is launching into Beta today. This update will add a new playable race, the Lumens, who are warmongering beings of light. It will also introduce race-unique sciences and technologies, new fleet options, updated and improved planet properties, many new customizable options.


In addition to the expansion announcement, the game has been updated to version 1.06 (change-log) and Polaris Sector is currently 50% off until September 14th.

Steel Division DLC & Free Updates

Paradox Interactive & Eugen Systems have announced the first paid-DLC for Steel Division: Normandy ’44. Second Wave will introduce four new divisions – two each for the Axis & Allies – as well as 35 new units, including an exclusive Ace unit in the form of Lt. Col. Creighton W. Abrams and his thunderbolt M4 tank.


Eugen have also shared their content plans for the rest of the year and early 2018, which include four free updates encompassing a new Game Mode, a new Ace pack, a unit pack and a co-op mission pack.

That’s all for this week’s news round-up. Seen anything we’ve missed? Let us know in the comments! Have a good weekend. This article discusses games published by members of the Slitherine Group. Please consult the About Us page.



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