Wargamer Weekly: North and South

By Joe Robinson 27 Apr 2018 0

There’s plenty of wargaming news to catch up on this week, so I won’t take up too much time with my ramblings. To pierce the veil for a moment and talk about something topical – apparently North and South Korea have announced they will sign a peace treaty later in the year that will formally end the Korean War.

As Ian pointed out in his exploration of table-top and videogames on the conflict, the Korean War never formally ended, although hostilities ceased 65 years ago after a cease-fire agreement was reached. Will be interesting to see whether things go from here – could we see a unified Korea in our lifetime?

Meanwhile, in the world of wargaming…

Matrix Games/Slitherine

Matrix Games interrupted their regular programming of silence to actually put out some news this week – two small snippets to pay attention to:

For some reason, Sengoku Jidai is running at a 50% discount via the Matrix Store. You can get the main game, Collector’s Edition and the DLCs all for half price, and this discount will expire on May 3rd.

In other news, we must be getting close and closer to the release of Order of Battle: Sandstorm – the development diaries keep on coming! This latest post takes an in-dept look at the new Italian Army units.


Everything from Tanks and planes, to naval and special units are listed out in detail, and you should check out the full diary for more info.

Free Weekend – ArmA III

Two games are having free-play sessions via Steam during this coming weekend. ArmA III is celebrating the fact that, since its launch in 2013, it has sold 4 million units. Considering this is a niche, hardcore military sim that’s NOT on any other platform this is quite an achievement. Bohemia should be proud, and they’re celebrating by making the base game free-to-try until 6pm BST, Monday 30th April.


That’s not all – the base game and all of its DLC are on sale, with discounts ranging between 20% and 66% off. If you’re not already an owner and like what you see (or want to top up your DLC collection), you also have until 6pm Monday to take advantage of the deal.

Free Weekend – Day of Infamy

World War II shooter Day of Infamy, from the guys who made Insurgency, is also free from now until April 30th. They don’t appear to be celebrating quite as note-worthy as sales, but according to the press release we got, they’ve achieved “2.7 Billion rounds fired, in 4.8 million matches and over 236 million kills.”

Martynas reviewed the game for us when it left Early Access last over a year ago in March 2017, stating:

Day of Infamy is a solid game with a developer that is showing a lot of love for their work. They haven't wasted their time in Early Access, and while it's sticking to more traditional FPS design I think this is probably the best overall WWII game around. Heroes and Generals doesn't feel that polished and usually involves quite a bit of cycling before you get shot by unseen enemies, while Red Orchestra 2 is both showing its age and can be a bit too realistic for the masses. Day of Infamy is both good by itself and a great way to scratch that WW2 while you wait for something with more of a budget behind it.

The game is also running a 70% discount if you want to purchase it.

Republican Bayonets on the Rhine

JTS have released the twelfth instalment of their Napoleonic Battles series – Republican Bayonets on the Rhine:

Command the French "Armée du Nord" and "Armee de Centre" at Valmy or as the Allies the Prussian and Austrian forces of the Duke of Brunswick. At Fleurus, lead your Allied legions to victory and retake Charleroi or as Jourdan, commander of the French forces, deal the Allies a defeat at the hands of your French legions. Twenty-seven historical battles await your pleasure including Fleurus, the battle which saw the first use of a balloon for military service or Würzburg, where the Archduke Charles defeated Jourdan's French army during the 1796 Rhine Campaign, Kaiserlautern, where the Duke of Brunswick would defeat a French army near Mannheim, Germany, to Second Zürich, where Masséna would defeat the Russians under the command of Rimsky-Korsakov and put an end to the 1799 Rhine Campaign. Republican Bayonets on the Rhine has this and so much more!

It is available to buy form the JTS store for $39.95, and is a 227 MB download.

HexWar Fanatical Sale

We haven’t heard from HexWar in a while. Come to think of it, we might not have sent them our new email address. Oops.

Still, word has reached us that they too are trying out Fanatical – the re branded version of Bundle Stars. Unlike other key reseller websites, these guys are meant to be legitimate, so you can feel slightly better about where you’re spending your money.


HexWar have created a bundle of all their Civil War titles, featuring Civil War: 1861 through to Civil War 1865, as well as Civil War: Bull Run 1861 and Civil War: Gettysburg. At full price all these games are worth £43.03, but you can pick them up for the princely sum of £0.89, or $0.99 if you’re in the states.

Say what you want about HexWar’s template wargames (and we have), $1 is a pretty good price for a bunch of games that aren’t that bad.

General Staff heads to IndieGoGo

Last but not least, a quick note to let you know that Dr. Sidran’s ambitious wargame system General Staff has gone to IndieGoGo for a second round of crowd-funding, as apparently they got a lot of interest in the project after their Kickstarter ended. If you’re interested in backing it, you can find the project here. There is a $25 and a $50 tier.

That's all for this week's round-up. Enjoy your weekends, and happy gaming!



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