Wargamer Weekly: Non-Gryffindor Edition

By Marcello Perricone 12 May 2017 0

Joe is away again, so your resident Helldiver is here to provide you with some weekly goodies. Enjoy!


English Civil War Is Out!


The English Civil War was a huge landmark in the history of the United Kingdom. During nine long years, the conflict reshaped the foundations of English society. A newly released turn-based grand strategy game developed by Ageod aims to recreate this bitter and decisive war with historical precision, and that game is out now.

With a detailed selection of historical units and theatres of operations, English Civil War is the most accurate game ever made about that conflict, and a must have for wargame fans of the subject. Our review of it should be coming next week.

Sanctus Reach Community Custom Maps and Expansion


Some time ago, the Sanctus Reach team ran a contest to find the best fan-made map and scenarios. The response was so good that instead of just one, they decided to release the Top 5 submissions to all players. The authors all gave their permission, and the 5 best scenarios will be available to everyone next week. Before that, a new patch is coming in the next days that in addition to a greatly improved AI and new difficulty levels, will allow players to download and install custom scenarios from within the game.

Additionally, some new info has been revealed regarding Sanctus Reach expansion, Legacy of the Weirdboy. Showing off the Painboy, the Orks equivalent of a medic, this weird thing can patch up your warband and keep your green soldiers fighting. Check out more info and the way he looks here.

Battle of the Bulge Tournaments

Battle of the Bulge's Spring Clash Tournament is over, and a fellow named Capote won. The dust hasn't even settled yet, and there's already a new tournament in the works. Join the "Payback" Battle of the Bulge Tournament to win a nice prize from Slitherine (along with some bragging rights, if you care about that).

Command: Chains of War


Command: Modern Air Naval Operations latest expansion is coming out next Thursday, 18th May, and it brings along a new kind of electronic warfare. From EMP nukes to futuristic laser weapons, the DLC will come accompanied of patch v1.12 and will add major features such as communications disruption, aircraft damage, and new weapon types. Yesterday, the developers unveiled new information about cargo, amphibians ops, and airdrop operations. You can read a very lengthy post about it here.

The Operational Art of War IV

Those interested in the artistic side of war operations have a new update regarding supply enhancements available for TOAWIV. A new supply state that falls between “Supplied” and “Unsupplied” has been added, and it reduces the movement cost of motorized units on Improved Roads by a factor ranging between 2 to 10. That impacts supply broadcast along such roads, and removes the 50% limit on Unit Supply Recovery per turn. For a more in-depth look at the new system, head here.

That’s all for this week’s update – have a good weekend!

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