Wargamer Weekly: V for Vndispvted Victory

By Joe Robinson 03 Nov 2017 0

I’ve randomly been playing a fair bit of Hearts of Iron IV recently, mainly because I wanted to get back into Stellaris but I didn’t really want to get back into Stellaris because I’d rather wait for the new expansion to make warfare better.

The most recent HoI4 expansion, Death or Dishonour, gave a lot of interesting flavour to the Balkan & Eastern European nations. I’ve been playing through as Hungary, with a view to restore the Austro-Hungarian Empire. That part of things works quite well, and depending on the ‘roll’ I even usually annex Czechoslovakia which is nice… but things always go to pot come 1938/39. Germany comes a-knocking for the Sudetenland, I say no, and then they take it anyway and then swallow up my whole country just for good measure. Game Over, man.


I’ll figure something out – I don’t usually bother with Diplomacy in Hearts of Iron IV because it usually sorts itself out when the war starts, but as a ‘neutral’ nation Hungary really needs some friends to stand firm against Germany. Or I could just give them the Sudetenland…

A slower week in terms of wargaming news, although your favourite wargames publisher has been busy as always. Let’s have a look at what’s been happening this week…


For those of you waiting for the Astra Militarum expansion to arrive for Sanctus Reach, there’s one last unit preview you may be interested in reading. This one looks at some of the ‘hero’ units available, from Castellan Jakren Stein down to regular Commissars or Psykers.


I was worried for a moment there weren’t going to be any Commissars, since being the Imperial Guard you’d think they’d be one of the first things you talk about, but it's good to see the space-communist ethos represented. Will be interesting to see if any of the other faction themes are represented; Heavy-weapon squads, platoon tactics etc…

We’ve only just had a new CMANO release, but WarefareSims is determined to be in Berlin by Christmas so they’re hitting us with another ‘LIVE’ scenario. Black Gold Blitz looks at a possible conflict between Iran and Saudi Arabia, featuring a very asymmetric set-up in terms of military assets. You won’t have long to wait – November 7th.


Speaking of release dates, the Lumens expansion for Polaris Sector will be warping in on November 14th. This expansion is coming with a load of improvements as we’ve highlighted in previous updates, so we’re looking forward to checking this one out.

Finally, the big release for Slitherine & Matrix this week is Mare Nostrvm, a turn-based tactical naval wargame based on sea battles that took place between 300 B.C. & 40 A.D. It released yesterday, and there are a couple of videos you can watch to get a feel for how it plays. James will be reviewing this one as soon as he's able to, so keep an eye out for our article!

Hearts of Iron IV Dev Diary

The latest Dev Diary for Hearts of Iron IV deals with a number of improvements they’re making to the air-game. They’re bringing back a feature form Hearts of Iron 3 where you could attach Air Wings to land armies, eliminating some of the micro involved in making sure you’ve got all your support factors in play. Assigned Air Wings will automatically move themselves to airbases close to the attached army and the relevant airspace.


They’re also bringing back supplying via Air Transport – to be honest, I hadn’t noticed this wasn’t in HoI4 but it was a feature I’d use a lot in HoI3 in combination with para-dropping infantry, so good to see this making a come-back.

JTS Updates

We checked in with Rich Hamilton over at JTS to see how they were getting on. Other than a new Civil War Battles game which is due out any day, there's not a lot going on for them. If you're part of their consumer mailing list you'll no doubt have received the latest update with a few tid-bits.

The most important one though, and something Bill mentioned recently in a previous article - anyone who's bought a JTS game via HPS Simulations can have your game converted to the JTS version free of charge provided they can validate your purchase.

That's it for this short news-update - let us know if you've spotted anything we've missed, otherwise have a great weekend! This article covers games that were developed or published by members of the Slitherine Group with which we share affiliation. For more information, please see the About Us page.



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