Wargamer’s Guide to: Strategy UK (August 26th - 28th)

By Joe Robinson 24 Aug 2016 0

Last month we brought you news regarding a new convention that’s starting up in the UK called ‘Strategy’. From the same people who run the MCM ComicCon and other events around the country, this new show was aimed solely at table-top games. We even spoke to the Project Manager, Rob Hooley, to find out more about the show.

Sadly, it seems the show’s first outing already hasn’t gone according to plan – low ticket numbers means that the Thursday opening has been cancelled, and instead the show will open officially at Friday, 1pm. Anyone who’s already booked tickets should have been notified already, as we know the vendors are aware.

Do bear in mind that some elements of the official website may still show the Thursday opening, but as of the time of writing that’s incorrect.

Wargaming @ Strategy

Being the first show, it’s not a surprise that the initial offerings will be more mainstream – CCG tournaments especially seem to be the main entertainment across the three days, but that’s not to say there won’t be things to do for the budding General.

Megagame: Watch the Skies

Don’t know what a Megagame is? Son, you haven’t lived! We highly suggest you watch the Shut Up & Sit Down video that brought this wonderful experience to wide-spread attention.

wts logo 768x437

Jim Wallman is running a version of his original WTS game during all three days of the convention. It’s not such much a wargame as it is a political game, but there are plenty of wargame elements involved – from the use of tactical XCOM-like squads, to mobilising a nation’s entire armed forces to square off against other played (or NPC) countries. Here are the times below: 

Friday – 1pm – 7pm
Saturday 10am – 4pm
Sunday 10am – 4pm

There is a limit of 40 people per event, and it costs £12 a ticket which you can buy online through the event store. We're doing an operational-level wargame called 'Not Over By Christmas' in early September, which covers a 'what-if' Cold War scenario in Europe. Stay tuned for the write up!

Quartermaster General Team Tournament  

This board-based wargame from Grigging Games, Inc. puts you in command of the major powers of the second world war, taking a theatre-level view of combat. You can read more about the game on the BoardGameGeek profile page.

2 its like risk says a hole

Strategy is holding a three-round tournament where eight teams of three players will take turns at playing the Axis and Allies, with the top two teams going forward to the third and final round to see who is the best Quartermaster.

This event is on Saturday ONLY, and it costs £6 to enter.

Questing Knight Games

Telford’s “premiere” wargames club and store is hosting a range of events across all three days, from X-Wing, to TANKS, to Dust ‘47. We’ll run through the programme day by day so you have an idea of what’s coming:

Friday: Casual games of Devils Run: Route 666, Dust 47, Team Yankee & Wrath of Kings will be held on Demand at QK booth. It’s free to enter, and all you have to do is turn up!

Saturday: More casual sessions of Dust ’47, Team Yankee & Wrath of Kings, as well as a Devil’s Run Route 666 Tournament. All of these sessions are free and ‘On Demand’, so again, turn up if you’re interested.

There are two additional tournaments as well, a TANKS (by Gale Force Nine) and a squadron-level X-Wing Tournament. Both events start at 10am, both have a limit of 16 players and both cost £10 to enter.

You can find out more details here.

Sunday: More casual sessions of Dust ’47, Team Yankee & Wrath of Kings, as well as a Devil’s Run Route 666 Tournament. All of these sessions are free and ‘On Demand’, so again, turn up if you’re interested.

There’s another TANKS tournament that starts at 10am sharp. 16 players, £10 entry.

As a finale, Questing Knight Games is also putting on an ‘Epic-scale’ X-Wing match, which also starts at 10am. 16 player limit, £10 entry fee.

And that’s about it! Not a comprehensive selection of events by any means, but this is their first year. Don’t forget the free-play spaces are open 24 hours as well, so even when the official events end you can also ‘bring your own’ games and do it old-school. To finish off, here is the current version of the official site map:

Strategy 2016 floor plan

Wargamer will be there Friday & Saturday, so we hope to see you there!



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