Wargamer's Wargame of the Year 2011 Awards

By Scott Parrino 29 Feb 2012 0

It is with great pleasure that we here at Wargamer would like to present our awards to the games that have made an impact on not only the staff here but also the wargame community. After the votes were tallied, it was evident how much of a competition these games have played in our minds and hearts. So here it is, the Game of the Year 2011 Awards!


Best PC Wargame of 2011 ? Community Award

Let us start off with the Gold Community Award, which goes to Battlefront.com?s Combat Mission: Battle for Normandy! This tactical wargame focuses on the campaign in western France three months after the Normandy landings in 1944. With authentic rural and urban landscape, historically-correct weapons and uniforms, as well as the new and improved Tactical AI system, Combat Mission: Battle for Normandy evidently made itself at home in wargamer?s computers. Congratulations!



Earning the Silver Community Award is Matrix Games/Slitherine?s Panzer Corps. The spiritual heir to classic Panzer General series, Panzer Corps quickly became a favorite amongst the community. After two years of development by a team of dedicated experts known as The Lordz Games Studio and the help of the community, Panzer Corps evolved into a game that makes it easy to get into and play a strategy game with combined-arms tactics, but a wargame that will still be a challenge to all comers. Congratulations!



Grabbing the Bronze Community Award for 2011 is another Matrix Games/Slitherine title by Wastelands Interactive: Time of Fury. It is no surprise that Time of Fury made it into the Community Awards, especially for a wargame that covers the entire European theater during World War II. With a game that gives players the full opportunity to control all types of units, from ground to air to sea, but also pick a single country or a group and lead them to victory or stave off defeat to the very end during the war, Time of Fury earned its place.



Best Boardgame of 2011 ? Community Award


The Wargamer Community made their voice heard very clearly when they voted for A Few Acres of Snow to the top for the Gold Community Award! A two-player card game that encourages a lot of thinking and tactics, especially a game set during the struggle between France and Britain for control of Canada. Congratulations Treefrog Games for taking home the gold!



The Silver Community Award actually goes to two games, after reaching a tie that was sure would be hard to break; we decided to give them both the award! Field Commander: Napoleon by DVG and No Retreat! Deluxe Edition by GMT Games earned their position in the community awards. Both offer up fantastic artwork for units and their playing boards, as well as their in-depth rulebooks to provide countless hours of strategic tabletop action. Congratulations to both!



We also have another tie, this time for the Bronze Boardgame Community Award! Decision Games? Axis Empires - Dai Senso! and Grognard Simulations? Armored Knights ? Operation Gazelle earned their awards from the community for capturing wargamer?s tactical and strategic minds during the World War II period, on opposite theaters of war! With Armored Knights small learning curve and Axis Empires? large-scale gameplay, it is no surprise they made it into the awards for 2011. Congratulations!


We also decided to have Wargamer staff pick out their favorite wargames of 2011, presented here as ?Editor?s Choice?! We would also like to thank the Wargamer staff for helping us pick out these games, and offer our congratulations to the winners for being the top wargames in our minds!


Best PC Wargame of 2011 ? Editor?s Choice


Panzer Corps captured the attention of not only the community, but the staff here at Wargamer. What more can be said about this triple A title that scratches the itch for Panzer General fans? We would like to offer our Gold Editor?s Choice Award to Matrix Games/Slitherine and The Lordz Games Studio for Panzer Corps! Congratulations!



Snagging the Silver Editor?s Choice Award is also another title from Matrix Games/Slitherine: Advanced Tactics: Gold. It should be no surprise as it offers up everything that the staff at Wargamer enjoys, such as a well-done scenario editor for community-made scenarios, a versatile engine for us to simulate different aspects of warfare; all of which just gives us the replayability we all want. Congratulations to Matrix Games/Slitherine and the developer VR Designs!



The Bronze Editor?s Choice Award goes to Sega?s Total War: Shogun 2, developed by The Creative Assembly, one of the most-anticipated releases in the Total War series. Some of the Wargamer staff expressed their liking towards Shogun 2, especially for the combination of turn-based strategy with the challenge of real-time tactical battles during feudal Japan. Complete with a well-establishing modding community, Total War: Shogun 2 has definitely earned its spot in the Editor?s Choice Awards. Congratulations!


Best Boardgame of 2011 ? Editor?s Choice

Oddly enough, the awards for the Editor?s Choice Awards line up with what the community decided! It goes to show that the Wargamer staff are in tune with the wargame community and generally have the same interests, and so we?d like to reiterate our congratulations to the winners!



Gold Editor?s Choice: A Few Acres of Snow



Silver Editor?s Choice: Field Commander: Napoleon and No Retreat! Deluxe Edition



Bronze Editor?s Choice: Armored Knights ? Operation Gazelle and Axis Empires - Dai Senso!


Congratulations to the winners for 2011, the awards were well-earned and deserved! 



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