Games Workshop Announce new ‘Indomitus’ Box Set for Warhammer 40,000 9th Edition

By Joe Robinson 15 Jun 2020 0

Games Workshop have announced the new ‘big box’ product they’ll be launching to herald the start of the iconic table-top game’s upcoming 9th Edition. It’s become tradition for the UK-based miniatures giant to release a box-set with the start of every new edition.

This newest one is being heralded as the “best box-set ever”. The Indomitus set will feature all-new Primaris Space Marine, as well as some new Necron models who are being given special attention this time around. For 8th edition, the company released the Dark Imperium set which featured Space Marines and Death Guard - a Chaos traitor legion that follows Nurgle.

As well as miniatures for Necrons and Space Marines (61 in total), the box will also contain a limited edition hard-copy of the 9th Edition rulebook, a booklet which has details and datasheets themed on the lore of the Indomitus Crusade (which the box is themed on) and the customary assembly guide and transfer sheets for the various Space Marine factions.

What it does not have, curiously, is any tape-measures of rangefinders. We imagine Games Workshop are working on the assumption that their player-base has a lot of these already, and newcomers should be able to tool up quite quickly. It reminds me of that one time Samsung (or another phone maker) said they were going to stop including charger cables with new phones.

Current estimates (via the Warhammer Community twitter account) place the release of this new box sometime in July. It will be a limited edition run - Games Workshop have made plenty of copies but it’s not intended to last the entire life of 9th edition.

If you want to get a full breakdown of the new boxset as well as all of the new miniatures, the official Warhammer community blog post is the best place to start.

warhammer 40k 9th edition indomitus miniatures

This comes as Games Workshop posted some new financial results last Friday, detailing how their performance during the COVID-19 outbreak has been better than expected. In fact, it’s been so good that the company is considering paying back some (or all) of the aid money that was granted to them by the UK government.

Did you also know that, recently, Games Workshop now has a new majority shareholder? They’re called SFM UK Management LLP, which actually seems to be some kind of joint-project of financial companies Bank of America, Credit Suisse, Goldman Sachs & Morgan Stanley.

Will you be getting the new launch box-set? Let us know in the comments!



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