Games Workshop launches online ‘Warhammer Legends’ portal with rules for discontinued miniatures

By Joe Robinson 05 Dec 2019 0

Whether it’s historical miniatures, Games Workshop lines, card or board games, there’s always a chance that things you invest in stop becoming relevant to the game you play. Maybe a new edition has come out, and you need to either re-buy everything (A Game of Thrones LCG) or at least purchase upgrade kits (X-Wing), or maybe as time progresses certain models stop getting rules support for later editions.

This last one is something fans of Games Workshop probably know all too well. Setting aside the total wipeout that was Warhammer Fantasy’s cancellation (and impending rebirth), Warhammer 40,000 is now on its eighth edition - there are many models release for that game that are no longer made, and so no longer have up-to-date rules.

Not wanting to leave customers completely in the lurch, Games Workshop have launched an online web-portal for both 40K and Age of Sigmar that looks to provide definitive support for older models that no longer have an active place in the game. As the company describes in a recent blog post on the matter:

The inexorable march of time means some of these veteran miniatures eventually get left behind. As codexes are revised and editions (and eons) pass, classic models become unavailable, no longer finding their way into current publications. Rather than consign these battleworn relics to oblivion at the back of your shelves, however, we are happy to present them as Warhammer Legends.

Warhammer Legends then could be considered the final resting place of these ‘legends’ of old. These out-of-print models have been given one final once-over to make them compatible with the current edition, and will feature a full datasheet plus wargear options.

They’re not going to be reviewed going forward however, which means that many of these won’t be suitable for competitive play, but it should now be easier to field them in general.

Not all of the factions across Sigmar and 40K have received much at the time of writing - for example the Astra Militarum only has rules for Rough Riders and some alternative gear options, where as the Space Marine PDF has a lot more content. More will be added over time as far as we understand.

Do you have an old model you want some updated rules for? Let us know in the comments!



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