Wars of Napoleon heading to Steam, and we've got free keys to giveaway

20 Apr 2016 41

When James Cobb reviewed Ageod's latest, Wars of Napoleon, he declared that Napoleon himself would have been proud of the end result. It's not hard to see why. Instead of pigeonholing you into the shoes of Napoleon himself, you can play as any one of seven European powers between 1805 and 1815, covering the bulk of the Napoleonic Wars. It's not just a military sim, however. You'll be responsible for all the political and diplomatic choices your nation makes as well. 


  • Create armies and corps and manage how they support each other
  • Lead mighty fleets of ships that can intercept, bombard, and disembark troops.
  • Check your supply network, create depots, forage the land while you march or pillage the enemy regions if the rest fails.
  • Build new units with a brand new system of ‘create and gather’ system.
  • Two set of uniforms for most soldiers depending on army reforms. More than 300 different uniforms from accurate sources, and over 400 portraits of generals redone from historical paintings and sources.
  • Numerous historical options, including reforming your nation and army the way you want.
  • New interface to promote your generals or see the hierarchy of your army more easily.
  • You can guide your allies, if they are AI nations, so you get the most out of them.
  • New history screen where you can check the evolution of your army and the army of your enemies.
  • Form or disband divisions and appoint generals to lead them.
  • Promote generals but beware of the political support of some, if they are bypassed in favour of young promising officers.
  • Lead expeditionary forces assisted by allies and minor nations.
  • Use special orders like forced march, build redoubts, disband units.
  • Muster partisans and levy special emergency troops.


  • Play one among seven major nations: France, Great Britain, Prussia, Russia, Austria, Spain, and Ottoman Empire.
  • Diplomacy with casus-belli, coalitions, defensive treaty, passage rights and more.
  • Send monetary help, gain access to special units and dozens of historical options completely customizable for the major nations.
  • Draft your population, use smugglers, develop your territories and many more decision cards.
  • Large chain of events with multiple possibilities dealing with the insurrections in Spain or special peace treaties.
  • Custom faction modifiers that give your nation a specific feel (e.g. as France, reward your talented generals with The Légion d’Honneur)
  • Handle your resources carefully, like money, guns and horses. Each country has strengths and weaknesses.
  • Form or disband satellite nations.
  • France and Great Britain can form super alliances against one another.
  • As France or Great Britain, try to get the upper hand in the Continental Blockade.

Currently you can only get Wars of Napoleon via a direct download, but on May 5th it's heading to Steam. To celebrate, Matrix sent us some codes to download the game now. These are codes to get the game from free from the Matrix site, and we've got ten of them. Instead of giving them away, however, we're going to make you work (or at least use Google).

What was Napoleon trained to command at École Militaire?

  1. Cavalry
  2. Artillery
  3. Infantry
  4. Imperial TIE Fighters

Leave your answer in the comments below and I'll reward the first 10 correct with a code in the next day or two.



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