Wartile bringing HeroScape-like miniatures gaming to PC and tablets

01 Mar 2016 0

When we think of hobby games we rarely think of the world’s largest game company, Hasbro. That said, every now and then they make something worth talking about. In 2004 that something was a miniatures game called HeroScape. Hasbro being Hasbro, they killed it off in 2010, but for six years there was actually a good reason to visit Toys R’ Us other than watching your children turn into monsters. Wartile looks a hell of a lot like Heroscape with one exception: it’s real-time. That’s right, it’s a real-time miniatures game and it’s coming to both PC and tablets.

When I say real-time strategy, you’re probably thinking that it’s like StarCraft, but that’s not really how it works. Here you’ll control a small band of figures that you plop on one of the incredible looking battle boards. From there, it’s like chess but without turns. Each figure has powers and abilities which can counter enemy tactics (or be countered by your enemies) so timing attacks and movement is what the game’s all about.

From an interview the team recently did at TGG we know that there will be a couple of different campaigns in which you can unlock new figures as you play. You’ll also earn loot along the way to purchase bigger and more powerful units. Anything you unlock will be available when you try your hand at multiplayer which, currently, has two modes: dominance and objective. Dominance is a head-to-head battle in which you’re claiming relics and such around the playfield, whereas objective will have a more scenario feel to them such as one team attacking and the other defending.

The Kickstarter for Wartile begins tomorrow, with the PC version expected late 2016. A Mac and tablet version is expected shortly thereafter. No videos for this one, but I pasted a few more pre-alpha screenshots below.

A version of this story appeared at Pocket Tactics.


WARTILE Ingame Screen01 low

WARTILE Ingame Hillside2

WARTILE Coastline

WARTILE CliffHanger Low



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