Weekend Dispatch: New & Upcoming Projects (23/09/16)

By Joe Robinson 24 Sep 2016 2

It's the weekend, but that doesn't mean you've put your rifles away or stashed the spears in the cupboard. War doesn't know what a weekend is... but that's because it's so posh it doesn't really know what the working week is either.

It's been a great week for video-wargames, so we thought we'd highlight some cool things happening in the world of table-top and board wargames.

Quartermaster General 1914

We spoke about Quartermaster General in our AAR from the Strategy convention in Telford. We've just heard that the Plastic Miniature Company has launched a Kickstarter for a World War 1 variant called 'Quartermaster General 1914'.

Another 'light' card driven wargame, 1914 still relies on the integral teamwork that makes the WW2 version so fascinating, although there's a slightly different focus here as players will be creating a narrative reflecting the military, technological, and social changes that occurred over the four years of the war.


You can read more about what makes this entry unique and what the reward tiers are on the projects Kickstarter page.

As always, please make yourselves aware of the risks of backing a kickstarter, and keep in mind that this isn't an official recommendation to back – just that it's a cool project worth highlighting.

Mini Team Yankee

Team Yankee was another game we tried out at Strategy and while our demo was only brief, we saw enough to get a taste as to what the game could be like.

Creator Battlefront have announced that they're releasing a 'mini' pocket-sized version of the rulebook, which will be A5 and 90-pages. It has all of the core rules as before, but it won't include the army specific statistics as those are also available on the Force, Formation and Unit cards.

FW905 M 01

The new rule-book will be included free in the Charlie's Chieftains British Army Deal. Given our recent experiences at Not Over By Christmas and with games like Wargame: AirLandBattle about, we're experiencing a bit of Cold War Fever right now which makes this especially tempting.

X-Wing Wave IX

For you X-wing players out there, it's worth mentioning that four Wave 9 ships are releasing this week in the US (with EU soon to follow). The ARC-170, Special Forces TIE and Protectorate Starfigher expansion packs will be joined by the Shadow Caster expansion.

swx32 36 titleimage

Everyone gets something in this new wave, and it draws from a number of high-profile sources – the prequel films, Rebels and The Force Awakens.

That's it for today – enjoy your weekends!



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