Weekly Round-Up - Heresy, Sovereignty & FAQ-y

By Joe Robinson 03 Feb 2017 0

Welcome back to our weekly wrap-up of some of the top wargaming news of the past week. Another videogame heavy one for you this week, with a surprise announcement from HexWar!

Sovereignty: Crown of Kings Released

Matrix's fantasy grand-strategy game has finally left Early Access after nearly 21 months. You can think of this as an D&D-esque hybrid of something like Total War, and Europa Universalis IV.

20170129165228 1

We were going to have our review ready for yesterday, however there's been some confusion over the current state of the game. To clarify: Sean has been experiencing a few issues that the devs weren't able to replicate. Other games writers have been reporting similar issues, so we're not actually sure how wide-spread this is. We're going to leave it a few days to settle and bring you our review Monday.

Sanctus Reach Future Plans

Sanctus Reach has been out for just a couple of weeks now, and so far seems to have been well received. You can read our own review here, but at the time of writing Steam has it at 84% “Very Positive”, while Metacritic tracks slightly lower at 74%.

Without a doubt, it's a good start for what could potentially be a great game, but there's still work to be done. Matrix recently made a post on their official website outlining some of the changes they want to prioritise in the near future:

  • Force Selection – our goal is to improve the usability of this screen to make it easier to navigate
  • Unit Carry over – we’d like to give more control over what units the player can bring to battle
  • Pre-BattleFlow – we want to improve the flow and reduce the number of screens the player has to go through to start a battle
  • Map Generator – we want to improve the variety of victory conditions and force compositions in random maps to make them more interesting
  • Level Up – we aim at giving the player more control over the skills their units receive when they level up
  • Difficulty Levels – introducing different difficulty levels
  • More Story – we will give a bit more background story to players as they play through the campaigns
  • Unit Introductions – similar to above but introducing the player to the units somehow so we can explain their strengths and weaknesses for both player and enemy units
  • Morale System – we’re looking forward to bringing improvements to this
  • Melee system – as above
  • AI Improvements – we will always improve the AI!

They've also said this is just the beginning, so keep an eye on your updater.

Napoleonic Strategic Command Mod

Strategic Command WW2: War in Europe was in many ways Matrix's answer to Hearts of Iron, although the two are fundamentally quite different. Still, it's done well for itself and has garnered a good following, and with a good community comes good mods.


One that's worth highlighting is called 'The Rise and Fall of an Empire', and its aim is to convert the whole game to the Napoleonic era. Matrix were impressed enough to talk about it, and we're interested in keeping an eye on it too.

HexWar Enter the GW Fray

HexWar have been very busy recently, it seems, and fresh off their announcement of Commands & Colors adaptations with GMT, the wargames company has now also announced a partnership with Games Workshop.

Because the world clearly doesn't need another 40K game, the hex-based specialist has decided to wind back the clock a bit and set their new title in the Horus Heresy era with: The Horus Heresy: Battle of Tallarn.

tallarn 2

You can view their snazzy announcement page with more details, but here's a breakdown of what the game will entail:

  • 66 different units accurately recreated
  • 54 different weapons
  • Three campaigns, each of six linked missions
  • Four battle packs, each with six standalone missions
  • An eight mission tutorial campaign
  • Play all missions, other than the Tutorial, as either Imperial or Traitor forces
  • Tailor your army with custom force selection
  • Fight on the devastated surface of Tallarn or for control of the vast underground bunker system
  • 8 unique unit types
  • Future updates will add more missions and many more units

One to keep an eye on and, by gosh, doesn't it look... familiar?

DropFleet/DropZone FAQ Update

If anyone here plays Dropfleet Commander or Dropzone Commander from Hawk Wargames, Bell of Lost Souls has spotted an FAQ update to clarify any headline rules-questions or errata.

The full Dropfleet Commander FAQ can be downloaded here.

The full Dropzone Commander FAQ can be downloaded here.

That's all for this week's update – if anything else has happened you think deserves a mention, drop us a note in the comments below. Have a good weekend!



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