Weekly Round-Up - Kriegs, Kursk & Kings (Ft.. Days & C&C)

By Joe Robinson 27 Jan 2017 0

Welcome to the latest edition of our weekly round-up, where we take some of the latest happenings in wargaming and put them in one place for you to read. If there's anything you think we've missed that deserves attention, let us know in the comments below!

Matrix Games/Slitherine

There are two big announcements this week from the eternal wargames company:

Tigers on the Hunt: Kursk has been given a release date. The first expansion for the ASL inspired game will be storming the highways on February 9th. We’ve got Jeff primed and ready to go, so hopefully you’ll be getting a review from us on the day of launch.

In other news, Order of Battle is not done forcing you to fight through every single inch of the Second World War, and Matrix has announced what the game’s next expansion will be.


Order of Battle: Kriegsmarine returns to the series’ roots somewhat by placing you in charge of the German Navy as they challenge the Allied powers for control of the Sea. In the company’s own words:

This will put you in situations which you’ve never faced before in the Order of Battle series. You will fight as the underdog and support land operations, perform convoy-raiding missions, lure enemy ships into deadly ambushes and make extensive use of submarines. Fight through historical and what-if scenarios alike and demonstrate you are the real master of the seas!
The game will feature iconic ships such as the Bismarck and the Scharnhorst, introduces a wide range of submarines, naval bombers, flying boats, gun boats, destroyers, cruisers, and it’ll be even possible to make use of the Graf Zeppelin carrier!

The new expansion is due to hit beta “soon”, where they will also be testing the new Skirmish Mode. Anyone who’s interested can sign up here.

More Digital Command & Colours

Recently we reviewed Command & Colours: The Great War, which was a digital adaptation of the boardgame of the same name by Richard Borg.

GMT Games, who own the other iconic C&C games Ancients and Napoleonics have just announced a partnership with HexWar Games Ltd. to bring these two titles to digital as well. HexWar were the studio behind The Great War, as well as the digital port of 1775: Rebellion.

Of some surprise is the fact the HexWar have partnered up with The Lordz Games studio for this project, who you may recognise from their work on Slitherine/Matrix titles such as Warhammer 40,000: Armageddon.


The base game for Ancients is due out in Summer 2017, with the base game for Napoleonics due out at the end of 2017. The remaining expansions and add-ons will be released as DLC in 2018 onwards. According to GMT these ports will be hitting PC first, and then tablets a few months after that with Android platforms and iPhones to follow.

What have been your thoughts regarding HexWar’s recent adaptations of physical boardgames? Do you think they are a good fit for further ports? Let us know in the comments below!

Kings of (Organised) War

Mantic Games are stepping up their tournament focus this year, and have made their upcoming Kings of War Organized Play Supplement available for pre-order. For those of you wanting some more competition in your KoW lives, you’ll find much in the new book to get you going:

  • Tournament Guide - From choosing your venue and game format to making sure you have enough food and drink on hand, learn how to plan and deliver a top-notch tournament step-by-step.
  • Tips from Experienced TOs -Some of the world’s leading Kings of War tournament organisers share their experiences and offer up some seasoned advice for newcomers.
  • League Guide - We cover everything from escalation to ladder leagues, along with an experience system to give your event that added sense of progression.
  • Writing your Own Rules - Want to create new Kings of War content? We’ve set out some pointers on the best way to make or modify units, special rules, and scenarios with maximum compatibility.
  • All-New 2017 Rules - Get up to speed with the very latest Kings of War balance updates, along with brand new scenarios, spells and artefacts for the 2017 tournament season.

The new book costs £9.99 and will start shipping on February 24th.

War for Days

In young-people’s parlance, adding “…for days” at the end of a noun or verb typically means “for a long time”. It can also be adapted to mean “to have a lot of [thing]”.

We recently got beta code for Day of Infamy, a WW2-based FPS that featured in our Wargamer’s Guide to 2017. I’ve been playing through it dribs and drabs and so far it seems like a prettier CounterStrike set in WW2… which is pretty much what the game’s predecessor – Day of Defeat: Source – was.


In addition to this, Days of War – another WW2-based FPS that featured on our list, entered into Early Access yesterday. We’ve given it a test and so far it’s seemed largely the same as Infamy, albeit prettier, but we’re told there’s a 100-person Epic Battle mode that will be added to the game which we’re quite interested in trying out.

Stay tuned for more dedicated coverage of these games in the coming weeks.

That’s it for this week’s round-up, thanks for stopping by and enjoy your weekends! Good Hunting and God Speed!



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