We'll be watching, commander: XCOM2 gets a new trailer

By Dylan Love 10 Dec 2015 0

The latest trailer for XCOM 2 is out, and its pre-roll advisory lets you know that it includes blood, violence, and use of tobacco! Saddle up!

Twenty years have passed in the game’s story since the original XCOM, and humanity has surrendered to a race of alien conquerors. This sequel puts you aboard a commandeered alien ship that serves as a mobile base for humankind’s last line of defense. As with the first game, you’ll exercise your tactics with a variety of different units to stick it to the alien overlords in order to reclaim the land that belongs to homo sapien.

Though it won’t hit shelves until February 5, 2016, the game is currently available for pre-order from various electronics retailers around the world. It’ll run you $60. If you’re feeling fancy, spring for the XCOM 2 Digital Deluxe Edition, which includes the game, soundtrack, and a “Reinforcement Pack,” which includes:

  • Anarchy’s Children: Rebellion-themed content with more dramatic soldier customizations. Available Spring 2016.
  • Alien Hunters: New gameplay highlighting an elite alien hunting unit of XCOM as it tracks down “Ruler” aliens, plus a new mission, additional soldier customization options and more powerful weapons and armor. Available Summer 2016.
  • Shen’s Last Gift: Introduces a brand-new soldier class with unique upgradeable weapons, armor and customization features, as well as an additional narrative-driven mission and map. Available Summer 2016.

An embarrassment of riches await XCOM fans. Now check out the sweet action in the trailer below:



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