What is Paradox's new Project Augustus?

By Owen Faraday 04 Aug 2015 0

What's he building in there?

What's he building in there?

Across the Narrow Sea in the land of Always-Winter, Paradox Development Studio have been working on something that they're apparently very eager to share with us. The Crusader Kings makers have opened a new sub-forum on their sprawling company message boards where they've been leaving gnomic hints about something called "Project Augustus".

Paradox's daily love notes tell us that Project Augustus is a brand-new intellectual property, which is no small thing given that the studio has been a sequel factory for the last decade, cranking out increasingly polished successors to their enormously detailed grand strategy franchises like Hearts of Iron and Europa Universalis. I suspect there's a lot of artists at Paradox who can freehand a pretty mean map of Europe at this point.

The notion of a new Paradox virtual playground is a tantalizing one, and the Paradox forums are alive with speculation: many forum-goers seem convinced that this new game will be a science fiction title set in space. There's a fine case laid out here by "Raph", who points out that Paradox have recently filed for the game trademarks "Coriolis" and "Stellaris", which sound appropriately space age and appear to correspond to an established Nordic sci-fi universe that the company may have licensed. It's a decaying galactic empire setting, which calls to mind the largely forgotten 1990s 4X game Emperor of the Fading Suns.

This is, of course, all baseless and entirely reckless speculation -- which is my very favourite sort of speculation. In the interest of engendering more of it, here are all of the clues about Project Augustus that Paradox have offered up thus far:

  • This will be our first new major IP released since the original Crusader Kings over 10 years ago.
  • There will be no stabbing of pigs. [Another win for vegan-friendly gaming. --ed]
  • Terrain truly matters in this game.
  • Seven and Three are important numbers. [This is like trying to figure out Darmok and Jalad --ed.]
  • Game Director is Henrik Fåhraeus, 15 year industry veteran, lead designer behind the Crusader Kings and Hearts of Iron series.
  • Elections and Technological Development are important parts of the game.
  • This is a project we've always dreamt about doing, something all of [Paradox Interactive] have been involved in, not just the [Paradox Development Studio] developers.
  • Leader characters play an important role in the game.

One additional, non-textual clue was an image of this gentleman. I can't say I know him.

I sent a note requesting more details to Paradox and their PR wranglers and recieved a polite but mute shrug in reply. All will be revealed this Thursday, when Paradox put on their Gamescom press conference. You can watch it live on Twitch Thursday night, presuming you can convince your partner that Swedes talking about computer games will be more entertaining to watch than Don't Tell the Bride.

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