World of Tanks marks its 10th anniversary with special in-game content

By Sean Martin 22 Apr 2020 3

Today, World of Tanks will begin celebrating the ten year anniversary since it launched. These celebrations will consist of five thematic acts, with events, throwbacks, and missions, all culminating in a massive event in August. The first of the five acts began today, and will run through to May 18th.

Since its launch in 2010, World of Tanks has gained 160 million registered players, has launched 11 nations, and over 600 vehicles into the game. It has also won four Golden Joystick Awards. World of Tanks was the first MMO team tactics game to focus entirely around armoured warfare, giving tank lovers a place to indulge their passion, but also to have fun with it, customising their heavy war machines.

The first act will follow the re-introduction of general chat into the game for one week only, allowing players to sow a little mischief on the battlefield.

There will also be the opportunity to gain Anniversary Coins, which can be exchanged for exclusive customisations, as well as the chance for players to win prizes.

Speaking about the 10th anniversary, Publishing Director of World of Tanks, Max Chuvalov, had this to say:

‘For the team and I, the past 10 years have allowed us to make more than a successful game – it has seen the formation of one big, global family. On behalf of the World of Tanks team, I want to say a heartfelt thank you to our players over the years. You’ve stuck with us through different stages of the game’s development and helped us to create one of the most impactful MMOs in the gaming history. As a reward, we have prepared a lot of exciting activities and additions, things that will surprise and please you – all in celebration of 10 amazing years. And remember, together, we can continue to create amazing experiences. So, let the party begin!’

Whether you're a World of Tanks veteran, or just a little bored and fancy some armoured warfare, be sure to partake in the revelry and jubilation by blowing some stuff up. You can find out more about World of Tanks here.



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