World of Tanks Generals Releases on iPad and Browsers

By Dylan Love 01 Dec 2015 0

Not your father's World of Tanks.

The latest World of Tanks game is here, and it’s not what you’re expecting.

Just a mention of the popular franchise might summon up flashy images of fast-paced tank mayhem, but the newest game in the series, World of Tanks Generals, has more in common with board games.

Released right before Tanksgiving [had to slip in at least one pun. -ed.], World of Tanks Generals takes place entirely on a grid inhabited by cards drawn from your virtual, customizable deck. Units maneuver and do battle within this grid, with the ultimate goal of destroying the opponent’s headquarters. Rather than have an itchy trigger finger, the game rewards those who construct a powerful deck, deploy units wisely, then position and move them strategically.

There’s no rabid PvP madness to be found here. This a one-on-one game that has a lot more in common with chess than its explosion-filled World of Tanks brethren, thus it marks an entry in a new category for the developers. They’ve made a strong showing of things already: World of Tanks Generals has been featured as an Editor’s Choice in the iTunes App Store.

This new game is cross-platform compatible, which means you can play from your iPad against someone playing within a web browser. If you’ve got a strategy-minded gaming buddy who lacks the same hardware as you, don’t worry; you can still battle each other over the Internet.

The game’s “free-to-play” label implicitly means that players have the option of spending real-world money to expand their capabilities within the game. There are three kinds of in-game currency at work in the new game, to be used for buying new units or researching and upgrading existing ones. As the game has only just debuted, time will tell how necessary it becomes to spend real money to compete effectively against other players.

Carlo Delallana, mobile producer at Wargaming America, the studio behind the game franchise, told us that “Free-to-play does not necessarily close off in-app expansions. We've seen with games like Hearthstone that both can co-exist. You have to have both to add longevity to any game these days.”

You can play World of Tanks Generals in your web browser right here, or download the free iOS app here. A Wargaming America spokesperson says there are no plans to bring the game to cardboard.




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