World of Warcraft Beta Journal #1

By Scott Parrino 13 Apr 2004 0


Hi again.

Ah, yes...I'm coming up for air again. I figured since Blizzard was nice enough to hook me up with this fun little World of Warcraft beta, I should maybe quit playing my characters and surface once more to share some of my experiences with the game. It's been a few days since I wrote my first impressions, and I've had some more time to get into the game, mainly exploring the human areas around the massive city of Stormwind. After very little thought, I settled on writing about character creation for this first beta journal. Character creation is the first thing players will do, other than install the game and download whatever patches they might need when the game goes live (hopefully not the hefty patch that Final Fantasy XI Online shipped "with" - eek!). The player's avatar is the one character players will see ALL of the time, unless some choose to play in first-person mode all the time, which is uncommon. All the same, it's very good to be happy with one's race, class and appearance early on, so without another word of warning...

Almost cute.

Come play in the snow!

Choosing a Race

Choosing a race isn't as simple as just choosing a pretty, or very ugly, face. In World of Warcraft, there are two factions that have come to an uneasy peace of sorts after the travails in Warcraft III: Reign of Heroes. On one side there is the Alliance featuring Humans, Dwarves, Night Elves and Gnomes; on the other side is The Horde, featuring Orcs, Undead, Tauren and the all-too-splendiferous Trolls. Choosing an Alliance race such as Humans disallows any future grouping with Horde races, and vice versa, as of right now. Players from opposite sides can bash one another, but never hunt and quest together.

Dark and mysterious.

Everyone wants to play as a female elf druid.

Each race also comes with its own special characteristics. Humans get bonus skill points as they progress; Dwarves have treasure finding and are resistant to cold magic; Night Elves can Shadowmeld and are resistant to nature magic; Undead are immune to charm, sleep and fear, are resistant to shadowmagic and can breathe indefinitely underwater, and so it goes similarly for the other races.

Me follow Thrall.

Me bash you long time!

And, of course, some races just look cooler to some people. I like the angry, righteous looking Paladin type, or the sexy female Warlock with a shock of red hair. Others might have a thing for the rippling green pecs of Orcs, or even the alluring eyes of gangly Trolls. They all look cool to me, but I do have my preferences, not to mention each race is limited in its class choices. After choosing carefully, it's on to...

Love meeeee.

The lonely warrior.



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