Yaah! Magazine Issue #5 coming in February

By Dave Neumann 20 Jan 2016 0

Flying Pig Games has unleashed their latest edition of Yaah! Magazine this week, Issue #5. If you're not familiar with Yaah!, you should be. It covers everything from board games like Cool Mini or Not's Blood Rage to more grognard-related fare such as ASL, World in Flames, and Combat Commander

The magazine is packed with so much stuff, I think it's probably best if I let Mark Walker fill you in on what you can expect:

Yaah! Magazine celebrates its first birthday with a little something for everyone. From fantasy to historical, from grand strategy to tactical crunchiness, we've got you covered. As always, there's a brand-new full game to play, a grab-bag of great scenarios for the games you love, and articles on some of today's hottest games and most endearing classics.
For all you grognards, there's a whole bunch of Double-Ya Double-Ya Two. Wendell Albright looks at two of the biggest things to hit tables in 2015: GMT's Churchill and Compass/ADG's Blitz! There are the winner  and runner-ups of the First Annual Scenario Design Contest, which tackle the heroic and desperate defense of Noville by Team Desobry in December of '44. There's also a new scenario for John Gorkowski's In The Trenches, designed by, wait for it, John Gorkowski, and a look at Combat Commander on its 10th Anniversary.
This issue's game is a fast-paced, action-packed fantasy skirmish game called Shadows in the Weald by Tom Russell. Players control opposing teams of Heroes, aided by buff-giving Hirelings, battling it out for glory and loot. Each Hero has unique special abilities, bonus attacks, and game-changing defeat effects that keep the game fresh and exciting. There are five scenarios to play with, eight different Heroes, eight different types of Hirelings, and lots of magic items. 
Couple all that with an extensive interview with Jordan Weisman, and you have another great and eclectic grab-bag of gaming goodness, well worth every penny and coming in February 2016. But you can save some scratch if you click here and pre-order now.
Head on over to Flying Pig's website and check it out. You can order it right now for $32



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