Yari & Teppo - the Pike & Shot Japanese Mod

By Nik Gaukroger 29 Jun 2015 0

Richard Bodley Scott of Byzantine Games tells us that a major new mod for Slitherine’s highly successful Pike and Shot game is now available for download. The mod has been in development for some time and covers Japanese warfare of the early modern period - the famous Sengoku Jidai period.


Current Version: 0.3 "Hachiman" - commonly called the “God of War”, Hachiman is a Shinto kami and Buddhist deity worshipped by the Samurai. He is seen as the divine protector of Japan.



  • New 3D models for units, buildings, and defenses;
  • Modified random map generation script that represent terrain in East Asia;
  • Custom rice paddy tile courtesy of Sarbatha;
  • Modified combat scripts to enable new rules;
  • Two generic fictional red and blue clans;
  • Unit textures for prominent clans in central Japan with historical clan mon (crests) and semi-historical banner design;
  • Hand-drawn unit portraits in the style of ukiyo-e woodblock prints;
  • Custom squads file and army lists, based on Field of Glory Renaissance: Colonies and Conquest, to depict the various units during the Sengoku Jidai;
  • Factions that consider the relationship between the different clans during the century.


Mod only supports Skirmish, Editor, and Multiplayer. No Historical Scenarios are available in this build.


The mod can be downloaded in-game and will be installed automatically.

The manual can be found here:


Please read the manual.


Works on the iPad with the following warnings: (1) it may lag a bit, (2) takes up quite a lot of space, (3) some graphical anomalies.





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