ZuluDawn! First Screenshots

By Joe Robinson 19 Feb 2018 0

Zulu may have been the greatest film ever made, but its 1979 pre-sequel Zulu Dawn wasn’t a bad shout either. It had the right guns, at least. Digital Game Works, a modest wargames company hailing from the States, has previously made a couple of Zulu War games as part of their early catalogue.


The Drift 1879 is a squad-level game that focuses on the infamous battle, while ZuluWar! Is a Battalion level game covering the entire conflict.

Now the company is returning to this conflict with ZuluDawn!, which will cover the disastrous Battle of Isandlwana that took place the same day as Rorke’s Drift.

FirstLook ZuluDawn 06

We don’t know much about the game at the moment, but the first wave of screenshots have just been released! They show a hex-grid with 3D rendered environments and counter-like unit markers. Unsure what level yet - probably a quasi-company level judging by the number of counters for the British side of the map.

FirstLook ZuluDawn 03

FirstLook ZuluDawn 04



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