2020 Reviews Index

Here you'll find our verdicts on the best board, tabletop, and digital wargames of the year. Click through to read the full reviews

Title Published Format
Blood Bowl: Second Season Edition review - the best version to date Nov 30 Tabletop
SGS Afrika Korps review - a colourful, compact essential Nov 26 Digital
Scheldt ‘44 review - a road rarely taken Nov 25 Digital
Hearts of Iron 4's up-and-coming Cold War mod has a lot of potential, but doesn't yet capture the era Nov 18 Digital
ICBM review - a fun, but ultimately shallow nuke-chucking RTS Nov 17 Digital
Operation Citadel review - an admirable, if imperfect WW2 toybox Nov 11 Digital
Unity of Command 2: Blitzkrieg review - lightning strikes twice Nov 5 Digital
Storm Over Asia review - a good game buried in paperwork Oct 27 Tabletop
Root: Digital Edition review - a deep wargame under a cutesy façade Oct 26 Digital
Fantasy General 2: Empire Aflame review - solid fun, but nothing new Oct 22 Digital
Blitz Bowl Season 2 review - 30 minutes of manic, dynamic fun Oct 20 Tabletop
Never Mind the Billhooks review - an irresistible miniatures game Oct 19 Tabletop
Partisans 1941 review - the search for the perfect bushwhack Oct 14 Digital
Terminal Conflict review - the time has come to push the button Oct 5 Digital
Space Marine Adventures: Rise of the Orks review - sci-fi violence for all the family Oct 2 Board game
Silent Victory review - a solo submarine storytelling success Sep 25 Tabletop
Ultimate General: Civil War review - simple, elegant, and beautiful Aug 23 Digital
Imperial Struggle review - twilight deepens Jul 13 Board game
Undaunted: North Africa review - surgical, squad-level scrapping Jul 9 Board game
Steel Division 2 review - a flawed masterpiece Jun 25 Digital
Carrier Battles 4: Guadalcanal PC review - simple yet weighty Jun 24 Digital
Rule the Waves 2 review - an ugly yet compelling naval triumph Jun 11 Digital
Shadow Empire review - the best 4x wargame you're (probably) not playing Jun 4 Digital
Panzer Corps 2 - long live the king Mar 19 Digital
Undaunted: Normandy review - an elegant, entertaining hybrid Jan 23 Board game