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Disney Lorcana TCG unveils its next set, with Wreck-it Ralph

Wreck-it Ralph finally gets his own card in Shimmering Skies, the 5th Lorcana TCG set, due out this August, along with two starter decks.

Disney Lorcana card from the Shimmering Skies set - a close-up on Wreck-it Ralph, a large man in a red plaid shirt smashing a ball

Disney and Ravensburger have announced the name, release date, and juicy details for their fifth full Disney Lorcana TCG card set, titled Shimmering Skies.

The news came in an official Lorcana ‘Lorecast’ announcement on Wednesday. As with previous Lorcana sets, publisher Ravensburger isn’t giving up much detail about the main new gameplay mechanics or themes just yet. All it’s said about the storyline is that a mysterious disaster strikes the Great Illuminary in the middle of a festival celebrating the heroes’ victory at the close of the previous set, Ursula’s Return.

We do know it’s coming with two new Lorcana starter decks (more on those in a moment) and that we’re getting the first dedicated cards for characters from 2012’s Wreck-it Ralph – including the big, lovable galoot himself (voiced by John C. Reilly in the movie); Vanellope Von Schweetz (Sarah Silverman); and King Candy (Alan Tudyk).

Disney Lorcana card from the Shimmering Skies set - Wreck-it Ralph, Demolition Dude

And we now know the exact Shimmering Skies release date: it’ll be released at local game stores, Disney stores, and Disney parks on August 9, 2024, then it comes to regular retailers two weeks later on August 23.

Disney Lorcana card from the Shimmering Skies set - Vanellope von Schweetz, Random Roster Racer

The new starter decks hit two combinations of Lorcana colors not seen in the boxed beginner decks released so far – there’s an Amethyst and Ruby deck (starring Wreck-it Ralph himself and a new Lorcana Elsa card) and an Emerald and Steel creation (led by The Lion King’s Scar and big-chinned baddie Kronk from 2000’s The Emperor’s New Groove). Both are confirmed to cost $16.99.

Disney Lorcana card from the Shimmering Skies set - Kronk, Head of Security

Like previous sets, Shimmering Skies will launch with a new, $50 Illumineer’s Trove collecting box set, containing eight booster packs, pretty custom dice, a lore token, and card dividers.

And it seems the House of Mouse’s merchandizing machinery has truly opened up the taps on accessories, as the Lorcana community grows. Set five brings with it two new official playmats – one featuring Mirabel from 2021’s Encanto, the other based on the card art for the Ursula’s Return card Belle, Accomplished Mystic – as well as new card sleeves and deck boxes featuring Aladdin and Tiana Rogers, the heroine in 2009’s Princess and the Frog.

Check out the full set of revealed cards for the new set below:

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