The best DnD character sheets 2023

The very best DnD character sheets online in 2023 - from printed, fillable 5e character sheet PDFs to digital tools and dyslexic friendly options

DnD character sheets A halfling in front of a giant

DnD character sheets are fundamental to playing Dungeons and Dragons. You might spend hours poring over all 14 classes and creating the perfect build – but if you don’t have a trusty fillable printed character sheet (or digital equivalent) to track and crunch the numbers, well, you’re up a creek without a greatsword. Wizards of the Coast makes its own, of course, but there are other options that better suit some players’ needs – so we’ve created a list of the best character sheets online, so you know where to begin on your next adventure.

We’ve categorised them into several groups: standard, if you’re after the original WotC DnD 5e character sheet; specific ones for different DnD classes, if you want to more easily arrange your character’s traits; accessible (designed to help players with dyslexia or visual impairments); advanced (to provide room for more customisation); and new player sheets – perfect for adventurers learning how to play Dungeons and Dragons for the first time. If that’s you, we recommend also reading our guide to free online DnD character creator tools to make your life easier.

For now though, let’s start rolling…

Here are the best DnD character sheets:

  • Standard DnD character sheet PDF
  • Class-specific DnD character sheets
  • Dyslexic-friendly and visually impaired DnD character sheets
  • Advanced DnD character sheets
  • New player DnD character sheets
  • 5e character sheet generator
  • DnD character sheets for children
  • DnD character sheets for towns

DnD character sheets - screenshot of the standard Dungeons and Dragons 5E character sheet

Standard DnD character sheet PDF

If you’re only after the standard 5E character sheet, it’s as simple as downloading a DnD character sheet PDF from the resources page on the official Wizards of the Coast website.

The 5e character sheet bundle contains the basic version, as well as a slightly adapted form in a different format. Both character sheets are printable and usable straight out of the gate. If you’re playing D&D 5E solely online, however, or would prefer not to print, check out the ‘fillable’ PDF version, which lets you type in its contents without spilling any ink.

Basic but sufficient, the standard character sheet is likely to meet most people’s needs. It has space for all your character’s DnD stats, as well as two optional pages to record your character’s appearance, events of your adventure, and the list of spells you may learn in the DnD level up process.

If you’re still not impressed, consider D&D Beyond. Not only is it free to use, and inclusive of all 5E material that can be freely accessed under the game’s Open Game License, but its character sheet is interactive.

Every stat can be clicked to bring up an explanatory info panel, and ability rolls or skill checks can be made at the click of a button. It even shares dice scores in a shared log for each of your DnD campaigns, so you check no one’s cheating.

And if you do decide to take your roleplaying out of the digital world, D&D Beyond’s character sheets can be exported into fillable PDFs.

DnD character sheets - screenshot of a class specific D&D character sheet for Sorcerer

Class-specific DnD character sheets

For a more ergonomic option, check out these class-specific character sheets. They revamp the basic sheet to include additional boxes and panels, specific to each of the game’s classes.

There’s space to record your optional class features as you level up, your pick of subclass, as well as your mandatory abilities, such as the Barbarian 5e class’ Rage. There’s no chaff with these – everything you need to play your chosen class is ready and waiting on the piece of paper in front of you.

They do cost, however. But at only $0.50 / £0.35 each or $4.95 / £3.50 for the whole set, they’re not exactly steep. Plus, they’re fully fillable and editable.

DnD character sheets - screenshot of a dyslexic friendly D&D character sheet

Dyslexic-friendly and visually impaired DnD character sheets

DnD is at its best when it welcomes everyone to the tabletop, and these accessible sheets do well to encourage that. First up, check out these dyslexic friendly D&D character sheets, designed by Twitter user Axelle. Intended to be easier to read for those with dyslexia, they’re written in large comic sans, are colour-coded, and feature added shapes and icons. They’re also available in German and Italian.

If you’d rather read a character sheet written in the OpenDyslexic typeface (specifically designed to aid the reading of those with dyslexia), consider these character sheets shared on Reddit.

Bear in mind that they’re not exact reproductions of the standard sheet, with some boxes changed or missing, but they contain more than the bare essentials.

Those with a visual impairment might be interested in this character sheet on the Dungeon Masters Guild. Free to download, it’s a redesigned character sheet written in Arial Bold, in a large font, with large spacing, and colour coding. Again, it’s missing some information, but contains all the main elements.

DnD character sheets - screenshot of an advanced D&D character sheet

Advanced DnD character sheets

If you’re a seasoned player who’s bored of combing through DnD sourcebooks, and after a little more customisation, you could do little better than MorePurpleMoreBetters’ 5E Character Record Sheet (or MPMB, for short). Halfway between a full character builder and a typical recording sheet, MPMB is fully fillable, automated, and has all the optional pages you could want. Fill a page with all the feats you’ve acquired, and companions found, or stick some handy rule references down.

There’s a lot of customisation here, including the ability to import your own scripts (or those you pluck from an internet forum) to add more content and functionality. Its automation is the main draw, however. Being able to select a companion, have them automatically added to your sheet with all relevant stats, or generate a complete list of your known spells in an instant is a huge time saver.

This isn’t free, however, and requires a subscription to MPMB’s Patreon page to use.

DnD character sheets - screenshot of a D&D character sheet for new players

New player DnD character sheets

Character sheets can be overwhelming for fresh-faced adventurers. A hodgepodge of boxes, stats, and roleplaying reminders, it’s easy to become confused by the amount of information sitting before you. Fortunately, there’s a host of character sheets designed for new players, better arranging the information into mechanical groups, and explaining their use.

This free character sheet on the Dungeon Masters Guild is a no-frills document that outlines basic combat rolls and spellcasting for those totally new to the game. This sheet, meanwhile, provides a handy list of the possible player actions you can take in a combat encounter, for those who might forget they can do more than wave their sword about.

Finally, this sheet highlights what a player can do on their turn, and explains what stats you need and rolls you need to make in common situations like combat or healing. Super simple.

DnD character sheets - randomised character sheet from Fast Character

5e character sheet generator

Perhaps you need a character built quickly so a last-minute sub can join your game. Perhaps you just like to put your character’s life in the hands of fate. Whatever your reasons, there are plenty of automated (and even randomised) 5e character sheet generators about.

We’ve already talked about D&D Beyond, but did we mention its character builder had a ‘randomise’ option? You can choose your character’s name level, race, class, and whether feats and multiclassing are on the table. Or you could choose none of these and see what kind of character pops out.

For another free generator, try Fast Character for size. This offers some slightly more in-depth customisation, and it covers some of D&D’s optional and more advanced rules. It doesn’t appear to support multiclassing, though.

DnD character sheets for children (image from DMs Guild)

DnD character sheets for children

D&D can be a great way to spend time together as a family, but younger relatives might struggle with large, wordy character sheets. That’s where DnD character sheets for children come in – one of our favourite examples comes from Emmet Byrne, a creator on digital D&D market place DMs Guild.

This character sheet is colourful, and it offers plenty of space for a kids’ larger-than-usual handwriting. It even explains your character’s key skills – sleight of hand has never been so simple. On top of this, the character sheet is totally free.

DnD character sheets - Town character sheet seen with DnD dice

DnD character sheets for towns

This might sound a little unorthodox, but hear us out – there are DnD character sheets for towns, too. This free Towninator character sheet comes from designer Andreas Barbesgaard, who designed it as a storytelling tool that could bring locations to life.

You can read more about the town character sheet at Wargamer before you download. The gist is this – your town has upgradeable stats like Wealth, Order, and Culture. It has specialties its known for, important buildings, and memorable NPCs that can all be tracked on the sheet. They can grow as the campaign progresses, and adventurers may even find their relationship with the town and its inhabitants evolving too.

This is quite an in-depth sheet, so you’ll need Barbesgaard’s tutorials to properly fill it out. However, your reward for all this reading is an in-depth look at the urban areas in your D&D game.