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Crawly the TikTok gnome wizard becomes a meme-y DnD mini

The gnomes and the knights are at war, and it’s time to pick a side – perhaps by 3D printing your own unofficial mall gnome DnD mini.

DnD mini of Crawly the Tiktok Gnome Wizard by Twin Goddess Miniatures

Crawly the gnome wizard, one of Tiktok’s freshest memes, has been turned into a free, fan-made Dungeons and Dragons mini. Twin Goddess Miniatures posted the ‘Tiny Green Mall Wizard’ file on MyMiniFactory on July 3. In a Reddit post from that same day, they write: “I keep seeing this little green guy all over here and Twitter, so I wanted to make a mini for the wacky gnome mall wizard. Have fun with him!”

Twin Goddess Miniatures isn’t entirely sure where this mischievous gnome came from or why he’s making a nuisance of himself in malls. I, however, am chronically online enough to know this wizard’s origin – and his extensive backstory.

Screenshot of Crawly the TikTok Gnome Wizard

The green wizard is known as ‘Crawly’, and he comes from a TikTok account of the same name. Before donning the gnome costume sometime in the summer of 2024, Crawly had a history of surprising mall shoppers and staff in other strange outfits. But the TikToker’s latest thing is hopping around on their knees, sporting a long white beard and brandishing a pink butterfly net. Oh, and upsetting customer service security.

Crawly’s video captions mention ‘knights’ that wish him ill, and TikTok is now filled with other creators choosing sides in the ‘knights vs gnomes’ war. Knights in tin foil outfits (or sometimes full plate) can be seen hunting gnomes in forests and shopping centers, while first-person-perspective videos show gnomes leaving supplies for allies and committing espionage. All these videos use the same snippet of music, which sounds like it was taken from a high fantasy point-and-click from the ‘80s.

If you’re meme-savvy and fancy printing this DnD miniature, there’s also a Crawly homebrew you can pick up. Reddit user Josemi993 also shared some gnome wizard content on July 3, sharing a homebrew that turns Crawly’s butterfly net into a DnD magic item. The ‘Rod of the Mischievous Wizard’ can charm or restrain allies, and wielding it gives you advantage on Performance checks in busy places (such as a tavern – or a mall).

DnD Crawley Wizard homebrew magic item from Reddit

I’m probably going to print myself a Crawly of my own. Even after the meme is dead, he’ll make a great DnD Wizard miniature for a future game.

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