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These grotty goblin DnD minis have stolen our hearts

A creative tabletop game fan kickstarted this set of adorably grundly minis - the Goblin Gang - and they're ideal for Dungeons and Dragons.

DnD goblin gang minis kickstarter - Goblin Gang image showing a goblin mini riding a Doglin, on a DnD art background

A wargaming Redditor going by Pocket Goblin has successfully funded his first set of original minis perfect for DnD and Warhammer – meet the Goblin Gang. This set of 29 models is a rogue’s gallery of grimy little freaks packed with personality, including commanders, hand-weapon and shield wielders, archers, Doglin riders, spear-users, halberd-users, and two chunky trolls.

The sculptor – whose real name is Tom Robinson – has worked in the games industry for the last 15 years, and his experience shows in the expressive faces of his DnD goblin creations. Pledge to the Kickstarter and you can download the STL files for you to 3D print the miniatures yourself.

“I sculpted some random goblin heads one day almost two years ago loosely based on some old Warhammer and labyrinth goblins, and showed them to my partner Stacey,” Robinson tells Wargamer.

“She basically told me to make one of them into a ‘potato goblin’ and essentially art directed me more into the stumpy, cartoonier aesthetic, which I’m very grateful for.”

DnD goblin gang minis kickstarter - Goblin Gang image showing two goblins riding doglins, one holding a huge bone

Robinson then tested the designs out by using them to represent Grots – the diminutive greenskins who trot by the side of Games Workshop’s Orks, the Warhammer 40k faction of choice for all gamers who like comic relief, poor shooting accuracy, and shouting ‘Waaagh!’ a lot.

To our minds, these quirky little weirdos would work just as well as DnD miniatures, though – just imagine those gurning faces staring down your Paladin 5e character in a darkened corridor.

“As for art inspirations, Labyrinth/Brian Froud goblins have always been the ideal goblin in my mind in terms of mischievous personality and charm,” he tells us.

DnD goblin gang minis kickstarter - Goblin Gang image showing four goblin minis with shields

Off the back of initial crowdfunding success, Robinson has now added stretch goals, starting with a large troll and scout miniature, which will be unlocked at $2,000 NZD. We really hope he reaches all these goals because we can’t get enough of these grubby goblins.

You can head over to the Pocket Goblin Kickstarter page now to back the project, and download a free sample of a punk goblin with a torn denim jacket and a badass gauge in his ear.

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