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Get 89% off a full DnD map making suite in new Humble Bundle

Humble's latest Dungeons and Dragons bundle gets you $313 worth of quality map-making software for just 35 bucks - a sweet deal for DMs.

Humble Bundle DnD map making software - Box art for Campaign Cartographer 3+, City Designer 3 and Token Treasury Maker

Humble Bundle’s current DnD bundle, Maps Extravaganza Revisited, packs in $313 (£247) worth of handy Dungeon Master software for just $35.53 (£28.46) – an 89% discount. The deal includes 12 big packages of map-making tools, pre-made maps, and tokens – a massive DM’s toolkit to design tabletop campaigns – with the added bonus of helping to support Save the Children with your purchase.

While designing your own DnD maps may sound a bit daunting, it’s actually an incredibly helpful way to customize (and often simplify) the campaign content offered in official DnD books to meet your group’s needs and preferences. Sometimes that means using software to create your own maps, other times you can simply pick a pre-made one from a library of professional artwork that suits your purpose. Luckily, this bundle caters to both those needs beautifully.

The headline item is a lifetime license for ProFantasy Software’s Campaign Cartographer 3+. This super powerful and versatile map-making software allows you to create fully realized worlds, complete with overland maps, villages, cities, and dungeons. You’ll feel like Tolkien himself as you easily establish mountain ranges and spider-infested woods.

Once you’ve crafted your overall DnD setting, and need to get a bit more granular with detailed environments, City Designer 3 and Dungeon Designer 3 are also included in the full bundle. If you’ve played Baldur’s Gate 3 and think you’ve got the chops to make something to rival the most iconic DnD cities, now is your chance.

What’s a DnD campaign without a bunch of nasties to battle though? This bundle also includes Token Treasury: Monsters – a massive selection of creatures and characters to fill your maps with. With 750 DnD monster tokens crafted by fantasy artist Rich Longmore, as well as a set of 24 rectangular and circular frames to denote a creature’s combat role, it’ll equip you to make your maps feel alive with threats big and small.

As usual, the bundle comes in smaller variants if you want to pay a little less – but all the price levels include a pile of useful stuff; the nine item variant (for $29) still includes a one year licence of Campaign Cartographer 3+ – and even the cheapest, three-item bundle, at just $1, includes ProFantasy’s Token Treasury: Monsters, Battle Maps Collection, and Floorplans Collection, for handy, off-the-shelf assets.

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