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DnD’s new Sorcerer riffs on the best Barbarian ability

The 2024 Player’s Handbook wants to strengthen the identity of the Dungeons and Dragons Sorcerer with its new Innate Sorcery ability.

Wizards of the Coast art of a DnD Sorcerer

A brand-new feature for the Dungeons and Dragons Sorcerer gives them their own version of the Barbarian’s Rage, says Wizards of the Coast. In a YouTube video from July 9, D&D designer Jeremy Crawford says the level-one Innate Sorcery ability “allows the Sorcerer to spend a bonus action and burst with innate magic”.

“While this phenomenon goes on, the spell save DC of their DnD Sorcerer spells increases by one and they have advantage on attack rolls they make as part of a Sorcerer spell.” “While designing it, we essentially thought of it as the Sorcerer’s Rage”, he adds.

Crawford says this feature was added to ensure that the Sorcerer had a distinct identity from other spellcasting DnD classes. In the 2014 Player’s Handbook, Sorcerers were mainly defined by their Metamagic and Sorcery Points. They still are, but the One DnD rules update uses Innate Sorcery to enhance these features further.

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At level seven, the Sorcery Incarnate feature lets you spend Sorcery Points to regain uses of Innate Sorcery. Plus, while your Innate Sorcery is active, this ability lets you use two Metamagic options at the same time on a DnD spell. Quickened and Twinned Fireball? Tasty.

Things get more explosive at level 20. As long as your Innate Sorcery is active, you can use Metamagic options without spending Sorcery Points.

You can find out more about the changes to the Sorcerer in the video above. Or you can head to our DnD release schedule guide to find out when the new Player’s Handbook will drop. And be sure to follow Wargamer on Google News for the latest on Dungeons and Dragons.