This book turns your DnD 5e Druid into a true potion master

A D&D book dedicated to potions and herbs launched on Kickstarter on June 16, offering more herbalism options for Druids, Artificers, and more

DnD 5e Druid halfling and birds

While there are plenty of tool kits available for D&D characters, they’re very often ignored. How often have you needed your jeweller’s tools compared with your favoured 5e spells and weapons? Exactly.

A herbalism kit is a staple for DnD classes like the Druid, and a crafty Artificer could also put it to good use. While a kit that can help source food, potions, and even clues during an investigation may sound like it has lots of roleplaying potential, many still find the herbalist options in D&D lacking. One tabletop RPG writer on Kickstarter has put together a supplement to change that.

Diego Pisa Artworks launched ‘Potions and Herbalists’ on Kickstarter on June 16, a TTRPG supplement compatible with “D&D 5e, Pathfinder, and other fantasy RPGs”. The book aims to flesh out the process of gathering herbs and crafting potions, and the 32-page illustrated supplement reportedly offers two new ingredients per potion, descriptions of each ingredient and where to find it, lore on different bottles and herbalists, and “easy-to-follow tips to help you use the rules-light information provided in the book with your favourite tabletop RPG system”.

“I’ve always loved potions and the many possibilities they can add to any game”, Pisa says on their Kickstarter page. “I love the rare ingredients, the processes, and the herbalist craftsmen behind them.”

“The goal of this book is to provide you with new ideas for developing the herbal side of your RPG sessions”, they add. In addition to herbalism-focused worldbuilding, the book apparently also includes “adventure hooks” to encourage you to incorporate its herbs and potions contents into your DnD campaigns.

DnD Potions and Herbalists Kickstarter - a selection of hand-drawn potion bottles

You can back the Potions and Herbalists book for around $5 / £4.09, and this gets you a digital copy of the supplement. Pledging $8 / £6.54 also gets you digital reference cards for various potions and a special mention in the book’s credits.

Pisa has created 30 Kickstarter projects overall, and they claim more than 20 have been successful. Crowdfunders can also pledge to receive over 300 pages of Pisa’s previous supplement material via the Potions and Herbalists page – a pledge that costs $27.38 / £22.36.

The Potions and Herbalists book has already been fully funded (though Pisa was only asking for around $100/ £85). Earning over $2,000 / £2,000 so far, this is likely another success to add to Pisa’s growing list of D&D books.

The Kickstarter campaign ends July 1, and the page lists the estimated delivery as October 2022. While the pledges are exclusively digital, Pisa says there will be ways to get physical copies of Potions and Herbalists. “All backers will receive codes to purchase a physical version of Potions and Herbalists book and cards via DrivethruRPG”, the Kickstarter page says. Backers will need to pay shipping costs to DriveThruRPG, but Pisa reportedly makes no additional profit.

DnD Potions and Herbalists Kickstarter - a drawing of a fantasy character in a herbalist's workshop

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