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DnD’s 10-year-old character sheet gets a makeover for 2024

Wizards of the Coast has revamped Dungeons and Dragons' all important character sheet, with a new grid, check boxes, and attunement slots.

DnD 2024 new character sheet design - Wizards of the Coast sales image showing the new Dungeons and Dragons character sheet in the 2024 player's handbook

It might might not be the most explosive DnD news to drop recently – but the newly redesigned character sheet coming in the upcoming 2024 core books has surfaced online, and we reckon it looks rather spiffy. 

Wargamer’s written an entire guide to to DnD character sheets, explaining how to fill them in, and various fan-made custom versions that solve the most common issues with the standard 5e sheet- so we’re glad to see Wizards using the big One DnD reboot as an opportunity to give its 2014 version an upgrade. It’s not a huge departure from previous editions’ character sheets, but there a few added details that will please long-time fans.

For the first time, we’ve got attunement slots on the sheet for your DnD magic items, with slots for three attunements per character. You can get extra attunements via epic boons – so some players, such as Artificer 5e characters, will still need an extra sheet to keep track of those.

Skills are now listed directly below your core DnD stats (ability scores), and DnD spells have been condensed into one side of the sheet. This efficient use of space means that most players will be able to get all of their character info onto one double-sided sheet. Click on the image below to pore over the layout yourself.

DnD 2024 new character sheet design - Wizards of the Coast sales image showing the new Dungeons and Dragons character sheet in the 2024 player's handbook

Flaws and ideals are no longer on the front page, likely as they’re not hugely important to many players, especially newbies. The new setup does seem to have been designed to be more beginner-friendly, emphasizing the role-play aspects of the game rather than combat stats.

Fans aren’t all happy about the new design, however. Some have complained that the design isn’t attractive enough, or that skills shouldn’t be grouped with abilities. Others have praised the ‘clean’ design, and the new layout for spells.

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Overall, we think it’s a more readable design that spares a few details for the sake of being welcoming – though there will definitely still be lots of room for innovative, fan-made variant sheets to win certain players over.

The new character sheet images surfaced when Wizards put packs of 50 of them up for pre-order via D&D Beyond, for the princely sum of $15. They also come with a nice illustrated folder to store them in.

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