Roll a d20 to receive your own D&D Spelljammer 5e adventure

This official D&D Spelljammer 5e adventure generator will make you your own personal space fantasy campaign hook at just the press of a button.

DnD spelljammer 5e - a space whale with a house attached to it.

Dungeons and Dragons is bringing back its classic space fantasy setting of Spelljammer this August, and just like every other DnD fan, we’re looking forward to some swashbuckling spacefaring adventures in Spelljammer 5e. But if you’re a DM who’s only ever designed a more traditional campaign, how do you translate your skills to this world of Wildspace?

Well, Wizards of the Coast has just launched an official D&D Spelljammer ‘Astral Adventures’ generator that might start you off on the right foot. The website has you roll a digital D20 to generate your own three-line Spelljammer adventure hook. Perhaps you’re swabbing the deck of ooze during a spelljammer duel, or maybe you’re drifting past the hulk of a dead god and are in the mood for some plundering – and that’s when the jammer leeches arrive!

Realistically, this ‘adventure generator’ is more like a neat little toy that’ll while away a couple of idle minutes, but it’s still pretty fun and will do its job of getting you hyped for Spelljammer’s release. It’s all presented with some lovely official artwork and an enjoyably tongue in cheek attitude. Plus it recognises something we noticed ages ago: there are too many dragons in DnD.

If you’re done playing around on the Astral Adventures website, and want something a little more substantial to sink your teeth into, digital DnD companion site D&D Beyond is releasing a free mini campaign right now: Spelljammer Academy.

DnD spelljammer 5e - a mantist creature, hippo man and jelly skinned humanoid

It’s coming out in instalments, with the third adventure, Realmspace Sortie, released just yesterday – July 25. When it’s all out, there’ll be four adventures in total, and the campaign will take a party from levels 1-5.

The Spelljammer: Adventures in Space collection comes out August 16, and includes a setting book, a book of adventures, and a book of Spelljammer monsters. Be sure to check out our Spelljammer guide if you want to know about this intriguing world. Or if you can’t wait, and are looking to start your next adventure right away, here’s our pick of the best DnD campaigns.