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Classic DnD artist puts Owlbears on UK postage stamps

Various DnD monsters and classes are appearing on Royal Mail stamps in the UK, issued to celebrate the 50th anniversary of the RPG.

The DnD owlbear on a UK stamp

The UK’s Postal Service is celebrating the most popular roleplaying game, as the Royal Mail reveals a batch of Dungeons and Dragons themed stamps made for the 50th anniversary of the RPG.

Available for preorder now and releasing on July 25, these stamps feature iconic DnD monsters from the owlbear to the beholder, as well as a range of adventurers – each one portraying a different DnD class and race. There are 14 designs in total, eight featuring monsters, and six portraying an adventuring party.

A bunch of different DnD monsters and villains on stamps

The monster stamps include:

  • A Red Dragon
  • A Beholder
  • A Mimic
  • A Mind Flayer
  • A Gelatinous Cube
  • A Displacer Beast
  • An Owlbear
  • Vecna

Several DnD characters on stamps

While the class stamps show:

  • A Dwarf Paladin
  • A Dragonborn Wizard
  • An Elf Fighter
  • A Halfling Cleric
  • A Human Bard
  • A Tiefling Rogue

Each stamp is illustrated with new artwork by Wayne Reynolds, an illustrator whose pieces have appeared in plenty of DnD books, as well as TCGs like Magic: The Gathering and Hearthstone.

They’re being sold in a variety of configurations over on the Royal Mail website. You can buy a set of the eight monster stamps for £15.40 ($20) and the six-stamp character set for £8.10 ($10.50). If you have a preferred design you can also get packs with four copies of your fave.

The Royal Mail is also selling expensive framed versions of the artwork (enlarged, of course) and little metal ingots featuring the designs. Some items appear to only be available in limited quantities.

The products are not UK-exclusive, so anyone who wants can order one – though obviously they’ll be less practical outside of their country of origin.

On that note, the US Postal Service unveiled its own DnD stamps last year, and now has its designs, which many DnD players will likely be familiar with, up for preorder. They’re releasing on August 1, one week after the UK gets theirs.

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