Evade sandworms in Dune: House Secrets, now 42% off

Dune: House Secrets, is now 42% off on Amazon, bringing the price down to $25.99.

Official artwork from the box of Dune: House Secrets. It shows three of the main characters with Paul in the centre.

Thanks to this year’s fantastic new Dune movie, there’s been enormous interest in the sci-fi universe first created by Frank Herbert back in 1965. While Dune has always had a large and dedicated fanbase, it’s good to see people discovering, and enjoying, the world of spice and sandworms for the first time. Whether you’re a seasoned fan or someone who’s just recently fallen in love with the franchise, you may be pleased to hear that you can now get the board game Dune: House Secrets for 42% off on Amazon.

For those who haven’t heard of it before, Dune: House Secrets is an adventure board game that was created to coincide with the release of the new adaptation. This is a cooperative game for one to four players and it tells a branching story in which your decisions will actively affect the outcome of events. As the sinister House Harkonnen takes steps to cultivate more and more power, you play as House Atreides rebels who are acting against them.

In a desert world with limited time and resources, you have to make every decision count for something. The game and its story are broken down into three chapters (and an introductory prologue), and each player’s character can gain experience and level up between chapters. A game can take up to approximately three hours and is designed to be played by people over the age of 14. If you’re looking for a game to lose yourself in over the holiday period then this could be the one.

If you know a science fiction fan who just can’t get enough of Dune, then House Secrets could make a good choice of Christmas present for them. They’re likely to really enjoy this opportunity to lose themselves in the Dune universe and carve out their own path in a unique story.


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