You can still get these fantastic board games in time for Christmas

From Pandemic to Hive, we've got a number of games to recommend as last minute gift suggestions, plus a few other goodies

The Dungeons & Dragons core rule book gift set - ideal as a last minute Christmas present.

Gosh, 2021 has passed quickly. We reckon we’ve had games of Catan that have lasted longer than that. But here we are, on the last date that you can order things for Christmas from Amazon and have them arrive on time. Did you manage to get all your seasonal shopping finished yet? Something tells us that, if you had, you wouldn’t be reading this article. Well, if you’re shopping for a board game fan, or looking for some seasonal entertainment for your friends and family, don’t worry – we’ve got a number of handy gift recommendations for you below.

Whether you prefer the ‘simple to play, tough to master’ type of experience that games such as Hive or Azul can deliver, or you’re looking for a grand strategy game, like Twilight Imperium, we’ve tried to include a variety of suggestions that should appeal to lots of different types of gamer. Plus, we’ve added a few extra things, like an antique dice set (ideal for Dungeons & Dragons) and, of course, a mug, because we’re the kind of people who rely on Christmas to replenish our mug and sock stocks.

If you want to have a little more peace of mind about it all, why not invest in an Amazon Prime membership? Not only will you be able to receive your orders more promptly, but it will broaden your window of time too. Ordering with a Prime membership means that you can even buy something on Christmas Eve and have it arrive later that day – though that does come with the caveat that it’s dependent on what you order and where you live.

Anyway, here are our recommendations for you:

Looking for a few more gift ideas? Take a look at our Dungeons and Dragons gift guide and our article on the best board games for Christmas. Happy shopping!