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Sat Sep 22, 2018 9:29 pm

Hello everyone

I was searching for any WEGO system wargames, but unfortunately found nothing new. could anybody suggest something new to play?

Stuff I've played so far:
Combat Mission series
Flashpoint Campaigns
Desert War 1940-1942
4X grand strategy Oriental Empires

I understand that some games have features that simulate "simultaneousness" like defensive fire in John Tiller's games or the TOAW system, but they are still IGOUGO. I really enjoy "War in the East" and "Pike&Shot", but sometimes moving all your units at once and watch them crush your paralized enemy... well, that looks silly sometimes.

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Tue Oct 23, 2018 4:55 pm

Just chiming in to say that I too am looking for a new game to play that is similar to the Combat Mission series. I have purchased and played all of the Battlefront, CM series since day one. I would continue playing but over time I have lost the key codes (there are so many with the many modules that have been released) and this has pretty much rendered the games unplayable for me.

I'm looking for a WW2 game that isn't too huge in scope and preferably allows for WEGO. The Graviteam games look incredible but they also look way tooooo big in scope. I want to command a company or two, not a whole brigade. (Who has time for that?) Is this possible with those games?

I like the WEGO system because it provides time to plan your moves as well as an opportunity to review each turn as it's own little movie. I get lost trying to control a bunch of individual units in real time. Plus you miss so much action since you can't replay anything.

WEGO also allows for a fun multiplayer aspect. If you can find a dedicated, trustworthy player it's always nice to look forward to getting a couple of turns in every day until the battle is finished.



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