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Evil War by ATGameZ

Sun Jan 15, 2017 5:15 pm

Like War? Your in for a Treat!
Evil War:
Shoot MASSIVE Beams from your Chest, Face 1000s of enemies! Defeat the toughest Bosses (3 Unique Bosses) and Increase/ease your survival chances with power-ups and Upgrades in our latest Endless side-scroller shoot-em-up! Brag about your Kill count... 10,000!!!! And how many Waves you managed to Survive Or About the amount you earned in ONE Go!! (without defeat) and/or show em your biggest GUN!!! Endless fun awaits, literally, in our latest and greatest game, Evil War!
Enjoy my latest game thank you!
If you like what I have created here, Thank you and Expect more great games!

Evil War is available for sale NOW on the
Google-Play Store:

Enjoy :) Evil War Trailer



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