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New Mobile Game 2018 - Final Impact

Thu Apr 26, 2018 7:29 am

Final Impact the Most Popular Mobile Games in China will released soon by Indofun Games. Final Impact is MMO RPG Semi Hack and Slash, this game based on Popular Chinese Animation Series "超神学院" (Super Seminary).

The story of Super Seminary is about the George, unexpectedly discovered in his life that he possessed a super ability. he unexpectedly attracted the attention of government agencies and invited to join the Super-God School to defend the earth and so on.

There are so many Heroes on Final Impact like Assasin, Support, Tanker, Fighter, and also with many various Combo Link and Special Skill. Final Impact will amaze you with Great Graphic and Great Storyline on this game.

Now, Final Impact is on Pre-Registration, you can join now and get valuable items and also one of Heroes "Rose the Assasins".

Final Impact is released on the Play Store (Andorid) and the App Store (IoS) you who have register the Pre-Register event, will get the reward!


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