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Monument Valley in Numbers: Year 2

Posted: Sat May 21, 2016 6:27 pm
by Snotty128
I am loath to repost something from facebook to here, but I think there are plenty of people who will find these statistics interesting ... .js34xl6me

Re: Monument Valley in Numbers: Year 2

Posted: Sun May 22, 2016 7:49 pm
by biffpow
Thanks for this--it's kind of fascinating.

Mot notable takeaways for me are:

--About 80% of MV's downloads were free. That seems crazy high to me. Apparently it's partially a result of some Chinese-distribution deal they made. Remove that, though, and the number is still 65%, which still seems really high.

--Christmas is a huge download day for apps apparently. Did not know that.

--Did not know that once a game goes free on google play, it can't go back. That model seems...outdated at best.

The percentage split across platforms is not surprising at all, on the other hand. More evidence that ios rules the roost in that regard.

Given these numbers and what I imagine is a comparatively limited audience for this type of game, it's a bit frightening to imagine how much money Angry Birds and its ilk have made.

Re: Monument Valley in Numbers: Year 2

Posted: Mon May 23, 2016 12:15 am
by geigerm
I bet those Christmas numbers are a direct result of people getting iTunes cards as gifts--I know that's been a significant part of my Christmas haul the last couple of years.