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ScytheKick 3.5 Brings Automa Helper and Wind Gambit to Android

Fri May 11, 2018 8:54 pm

Announcing ScytheKick version 3.5 for iOS and Android available on the App Store (iOS) and Play Store (Android)

ScytheKick is a companion app to the award winning board game Scythe.

What’s new:
- Automa Helper and Wind Gambit in-app purchases are now available on Android.
- Swipe up from Automa deck to bring up Automa Helper and down on map to return to Automa Deck (iOS only, coming to Android soon).
- Reworked some UI text (e.g., Faction Picker => Factions).
- Consolidated the two alternate scoring settings into one switch “Smooth Popularity Track”.
- A link to the User Guide is included in the settings tab.

For information on how ScytheKick and the Automa Helper works, see the user guide: ... 50312ddfd8

ScytheKick is available as a free app and supports picking up to two players of the five factions including up to one Automa player. Additional functionality is available via in-app purchases using the Manage Purchase button on the Settings tab:
- Togawa and Albion factions are included in the Invaders from Afar Expansion.
- Additional players and Automa Decks are unlocked by the Premium Upgrade.
- The Automa Helper and The Wind Gambit Expansion require the Premium Upgrade to be purchased first.

ScytheKick version 3.5 on Android supports Android 5.0 and later, although Android 7.0 or later is recommended.

Special thanks to all the people who have tested this release on Android and given feedback.

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