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BK Games: Eastern Front 1942

Tue Aug 28, 2018 7:01 am

Way back when, Brian Kelly created a WEGO game engine about The Campaign for North Africa and posted it here at The Wargamer. Years later, his engine birthed Matrix/Slitherine Games, Desert War 1940-42. Now? Due to popular request, the follow-on game will address the Eastern Front circa 1942.

This time around the ground scale will be halved from 2-miles per hex to 1-mile per hex. This scale change will address Player concerns about stacking limits--they don't like stacks. This ground scale change will reduce the Desert War stacking by half and quadruple the amount of maneuver space. The result will be a more open battlefield.

Scenarios next go-around will be smaller in map play space and number of units--corps level is the max per side; one or two divisions is ideal.

A "campaign game" that explores the fate of a few divisional units through a connected set of scenarios across time is the goal. What happens in Vegas does't stay in Vegas in this game--it carries over into the next connected scenario. Wear your units to a nub in one scenario--pay the price in the next.

New terrain types will allow us to depart from the desert and enter Central Europe and the complexities of its terrain. Build a bridge...blow it it back...

New units will be introduced that continue the "Rock-Paper-Scissor" dynamics of combat found in Desert War. New engineer types, cavalry, ski troops, partisans, and security forces.

Hope you can join us once again for the journey to make this game happen.

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Re: BK Games: Eastern Front 1942

Fri Oct 05, 2018 4:00 am

Works in progress...


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