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Posted: Mon Nov 04, 2019 3:05 pm
by admin
So, after Blizzard finally opened up the Hearthstone Battlegrounds beta to everyone, I’ve managed to take it for a spin to see what it’s like. In short - interesting. It’s definitely a refreshing take on Auto Chess as a format, although it seems to combine both the best and worst elements of Hearthstone in order to create the experience. ... o-battler/

Posted: Thu Nov 14, 2019 5:49 pm
by biffpow
This is a concise and accurate summary, Joe--nice job. I agree on the prevalence of stat boosting, which irks me. It's a lot to track, and I have found myself too-often surprised that a small card shows up on the opponent's board with something like 15/20 stats. I think I don't get the right combos required to make this work yet. This aspect doesn't feel like strategy so much as memorizing combos and hoping for good draws.

Because of that, I don't like this "mode" of HS. I mean, HS itself is already struggling (for me) with allowing too much RNG, and Battlegrounds is full-on RNG, from the moment you're given two (often bad) choices about which hero you get to be.

It also doesn't feel like a "mode" to me because it's a completely different game. The pace, strategy, and manner of play are all totally different. If it's successful, I hope they simply spin it off as its own app, as I don't want to have to play it for challenges and rewards and the like.

Interesting new path for them to take, but it's not for me.