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Over There – A Fall In 2017 Convention AAR

Wed Nov 08, 2017 4:58 pm

The faithful once again gathered at the Lancaster Host Resort, Lancaster, PA 3rd – 5th November 2017 for friends, games and early Christmas as HMGS (Historical Miniatures Gaming Society, Inc)... ... ntion-aar/

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Wed Nov 08, 2017 6:15 pm

Bill a quick explanation on the "Two Fat Lardies" games in the tournament area.

This was a two day schedule of games featuring various rule sets by Two Fat Lardies, so not a tournament at all but only located there. There were multiple games of Chain of Command (WWII skirmish game and far better than Bolt Action IMO) and Sharp Practice (Musket era skirmish) as well as "General d' Armee". I spent all day Saturday there and the terrain was well done on the tables in particular an ACW Sharp Practice game, a Penninsula Napoleonic game and a Normandy 1944 CoC game. Also a company level game called "I Ain't Been Shot Mum" set in early war France.

Essentially a bunch of US based lads are trying to popularize the TFL rules on this side of the pond and inspired by the Too Fat Lardies days in the UK.


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