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Humble Bundle goes to war with new ‘War Gamez’ bundle

Wed May 09, 2018 4:00 pm

We don’t talk about Humble Bundle a lot here on Wargamer, although they do good work; selling packs of digital games for next-to-nothing, with the majority of the proceeds going... ... ez-bundle/

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Wed May 09, 2018 7:05 pm

Rising Storm Nam is everything but a hardcore shooter. Spray and pray OCD mindless grindfest. Only game I ever refunded on steam. Owning over 60 titles with the majority being wargames. Red Orchestra 2 was just another twitch shooter too, Tripwire took two steps back with these titles conforming to cookie cutter FPS mainstream junk.

I say this based on over 1000 hrs playing Red Orchestra 1 and its mods, which are still getting updates and have a good community. If you ever played Darkest Hour 44 mod you will use this as flagship to base the 'hardcoreness' of most FPS, specifically the WW2 genre. If that mod simply had a graphics overhaul it could rejuvinate vet players and bring in tons of new ones.

No game really has ever come close for me in capturing an authentic WW2 FPS experience. You guys should do a write up on it sometime, the game/mod is really worth any WW2 enthusiasts time.

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