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The Battle of Komárom 1849 - A Fall In 2018 AAR

Wed Dec 12, 2018 11:20 am

More than a few people asked, and the Boss was willing, so let’s talk about the two games I hosted at the recent Fall In 2018 HMGS miniatures convention for... ... l-in-2018/

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Wed Dec 12, 2018 7:38 pm

Outstanding report! Top notch, all around. - a counter critter

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Wed Dec 12, 2018 9:05 pm

Looks great. I am a gamer of this underplayed war but use a different rules set than yours (sorry, nothing against your set). I've read as much as I can on the war, though can't read German or Hungarian I will readily admit.
However a couple of things I might bring up - I believe that the Austrian army was not superior to the Hungarian one, in fact for much of the war, the Hungarians were qualitatively ahead, definitely in morale. Though maybe not by the time of the battle you did, their generals were often better than the Austrians. If the Austrians were so superior they wouldn't have been begging the Russians to come to their rescue. Speaking of the Russians they were unenthusiastic, in fact many Russian officers preferred the Hungarians to their new allies.

Also in this war there was a lot more use of skirmish tactics, many Hungarian units - though not labeled light troops - could utilize skirmish. So not sure the Austrians should rate so highly in that area and woods fighting etc.

That said if I had been at Fall In I would have loved to have particpated in your game, it looks cracking and it's a great scale too for massed battles.

Thanks for the report.

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Re: <t>The Battle of Komárom 1849 - A Fall In 2018 AAR</t>

Thu Dec 13, 2018 7:04 pm


During this period all infantry units could deploy skirmishers forward, having copied French technique as introduced by The French during the Revolution and early Napoleonic period. Thus skirmishers of opposing sides tend to cancel each other out and are no separately modeled. There impact is built in. Light units such as Austrian Jaeger are not skirmishers in this sense. Instead they are special purpose troops who by doctrine and on the battlefield deployed their entire battalion into dispersed order so as to fight in terrain considered to difficult for regular foot. Also, these troops are armed with rifles, giving them longer range and accuracy, while all other infantry units still use smoothbore muskets. Formal names are irrelevant as although Russian division had a brigade of two line regiments (15 th Diebitsch and 18 th Sessck) plus a brigade of two Jaeger regiments (17 th Briansk and 18th Furst von Warschau), the latter still used smoothbores and spent the majority of their combat time formed in line. Russian Strelkovye (Rifle) battalions would be line infantry as defined by the game. In this battle the Honved actually deployed 2 1/3 light battalions - 2 companies Pressburg Jaeger, 1 battalion Hungarian Schutzen and 1 battalion Tyrolean Jaeger, all recently raised volunteers.

As regards competency/morale, the system I use assigns one of three ratings - Conscript, Regular or Elite. In the game Elite units were Austrian Grenadiers, Austrian Jaeger, Russian artillery and Honved ex Imperial Hussars. Regulars included all other artillery, Austrian line, Honved ex Imperial Hungarian Line, Honved Grenadiers, Honved battalions 1 - 10, Honved light infantry, all Russian infantry and all Austrian cavalry. Conscript class included Austrian Landwehr and all other Honved infantry battalions. Klapka's army had a very high proportion of Honved infantry, though none of the units present used pole arms only.

Ciao, Colonel Bill


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