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Scourge of War: La Souffel - The Last Battle of the Napoleonic Wars

Wed Jun 26, 2019 2:19 pm

Wait, shouldn’t that be Napoleon’s defeat at Waterloo by Feldmarschal Blucher and the Royal Prussian Army of the Lower Rhine (ably assisted by an able British commander nicknamed “Beef” to... ... uffel-mod/

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Thu Jun 27, 2019 3:35 am

Have/had been a big supporter of Norbsoft got most of his games starting with Manasses-ACW.
The port to Nappy Battles had my hopes up really high..(old ANV days) but I just can not get past the OLD BUGs that never got fixed in all his games....
The constant CONGA line. Unit just will not stay in formation to save their lives so the units are constantly moving and adjusting with in the area(making them look like they are doing the conga. Not only does it distract from the game but units get hit/attacked while doing this spells doom for most of them.

Would give anything for a good NAPPY GAME..even a ported board game with an OK to Good AI........

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Re: <t>Scourge of War: La Souffel - The Last Battle of the Napoleonic Wars</t>

Fri Jun 28, 2019 5:27 pm

CONGA? I swear I've never seen a better description of that issue, one of the few I have with the game. Perfect.

My impression is that the units are coded to maneuver per typical drill regulations of the era (yes, I have them, no I don't have a life), but the game missed the concept of real estate management as an AI function and left it up to the players, who obviously are not experienced 19th Century field commanders. I see this happen most often when too many units in too small an area try to move, change formation or change facing, the resulting passage of lines, etc, producing that CONGA effect you mention. In reality, a real on the ground officer wouldn't even attempt such nonsense. They would separate the units first to insure enough room was available.

I guess mini-guys might be a little better off here since we are used to rules that restrict unit inter-penetration (although the drill regs did have it; just because it could be done . . .) and if the bases don't fit on the table, whatever you planned to do is cancelled.

CONGA. Love it.

Colonel Bill


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