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Steel Division 2 - Black Sunday Review

Mon Sep 07, 2020 9:54 am

Axis minors never get enough attention. Usually forgotten, at best they are an afterthought. The money, after all, lies with the Wehrmacht’s fandom’s endless obsession with Tigers and MG-42s. ... ck-sunday/

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Mon Sep 07, 2020 11:06 am

Perhaps the biggest desire of players was new maps and there are promises that will follow.

This was the last installment of the 3 x free DLCs promised with the base game.

I wouldn't say it is disappointing, you can't expect from lesser minor nations to have heavy tanks and generally the feel of some multi fans is that if there's no IS-2 or Tiger/KG than it's not a good division :)

Also I don't get what the author understand by "different". By 1944, tactics and methods were refined and kind of resembling between armies involved on Eastern front, it wasn't like a Warhammer game where fantasy permits all kind of features.

Soldiers from both sides tend to copy the methods of the enemy where proved effective and the lessons of years of continuous were learned on both sides, each trying to maximize their qualities.

Same for Romania, which received limited weapons deliveries from Germany but tried to maximize the impact of its own industry by upgrading as much as was possible its aircrafts, producing one of the best AT guns of the war (Resita 75 mm) or lacking automatic weapons giving its infantry two helpful tools such as 60 mm mortars and locally produced IOR scopes for ZB24 (some divisions got between 300 and 350 scoped rifles)

Also I don't get why Soviet units are presented as underwhelming. VDV is depicted as what as becoming in 1944, mere guards infantry tasked for the more difficult assaults. The naval division is limited to what was able to use during the operation and believe me, in the lagoon area of Dnister estuary, tanks have a hard time coping with the terrain (and this is not mediterranean) . As for the mechanized corps, at least is not a copy cat of whatever is still in the game. At this stage, it is hard to add new equipment but some units have still have their peculiarities. Even moving on different front (like Pacific) you won't find solutions that would fit well in Eastern front.

As for new divisions not being good enough in multi, I trust that come from players who only use heavy tanks, otherwise I don't quite understand why :)

Finally, the Romanian language (native speaker here) of soldiers is perfectly understandable. What I don't like is the sound of voice (also native speaker) which is of a young, unfledged guy who he says the words jerkily, remembering the sometimes wrong pronunciation of millennials and not the normally spoken Romanian language. The actor probably didn't watched Romanian war movies at all.

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Tue Sep 08, 2020 4:48 am

I wanted to like this one..But it was a Click Fest.....


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