Games Workshop wants you to paint Warhammer for its ‘Eavy Metal team

Warhammer maker Games Workshop is hiring a new Miniatures Painter for its 'Eavy Metal professional painting team

Games Workshop jobs miniatures painter - Warhammer Community photo of new Eldar and Chaos Space Marines models for Kill Team

Warhammer 40k and Age of Sigmar maker Games Workshop is looking to hire a new Miniatures Painter for its esteemed ‘Eavy Metal creative team – the crack squad behind all the pro-painted Warhammer miniatures you see on GW’s boxes and websites. Based in GW’s HQ in Nottingham, UK, the full-time job is open for applications until midnight GMT (7pm ET) next Tuesday, March 8. As normal with GW vacancies, there’s no specific indication of salary or working hours.

Published recently via GW’s official careers site, the job ad says you’ll be working with the Horus Heresy, Middle-earth, and ‘Specialist Games’ ranges (which includes Blood Bowl and Necromunda).  GW says it wants painters to “inspire our customers by painting Warhammer miniatures and models in new, exciting and inspirational ways, whilst remaining faithful to the imagery, colour schemes and iconography” of the games.

They also need to be an ” accomplished miniatures painter with an understanding of what makes a fantastically painted Warhammer miniature” – plus great communication skills, time management (naturally). Checking in with GW’s design and lore writing teams, you’ll be expected to “[capture] the tone and character of each miniature and [choose] colours that reinforce the narrative and IP of the model”.

As standard at GW, the successful candidate will get 25 days paid holiday (plus the UK’s eight national holidays); employer matched pension contributions up to 7.5%, a profit share bonus if GW performs well, and a 25-50% staff discount at GW’s webstore.

Games Workshop jobs miniatures painter - Warhammer Community photo of Warhammer World display cases

Wannabe pro painters interested in interviewing to join the ‘Eavy Metal team (which also helps create the gigantic painted Warhammer dioramas at Warhammer World) can apply for the job on the GW site.

The vacancy comes a couple of weeks after GW issued a call for applicants to be Warhammer 40k’s Head Writer, responsible for “creating and maintaining the internal Warhammer 40,000 IP guidebook” and general guardianship over 40k lore. If you love 40k, and you’ve got bags of experience in senior creative writing jobs – you’ve still got until 7pm EST / midnight GMT on Sunday, March 13, 2022 to apply for that job.

Still got far too much to learn on the painting front? Our guide to painting miniatures is a splendid place to start. Or, if it’s lore knowledge you’re needing, look no further than our full guides to Warhammer 40k’s Imperium, Xenos, and Chaos factions.