MTG spoilers for Alchemy Kamigawa reveal upcoming MTG Arena cards

New MTG spoilers for the upcoming digital set Alchemy: Kamigawa were shown on Sunday, revealing seven Magic: the Gathering cards exclusive to MTG Arena

MTG Arena alchemy kamigawa MTG spoiler: Artwork of five dragons from the MTG set Kamigawa Neon Dynasty.

You thought Magic: The Gathering’s spoiler season was over, at least until Streets of New Capenna? Oh, you sweet summer child. Spoilers for the Alchemy: Kamigawa mini-set, which comes to MTG Arena on Thursday, were revealed at the weekend. Six new, digital-only Magic cards from the set were previewed on the Magic: The Gathering Twitch channel on Sunday. These MTG spoilers were shown during the livestream coverage of the Neon Dynasty Championship, which featured competitive Alchemy play.

The newest batch of MTG spoilers revealed six cards from Alchemy: Kamigawa, including two Uncommon, two Rare, and two Mythic Rare cards. A seventh Alchemy card, Foundry Beetle, was later previewed on Twitter at 11:30pm CT on Sunday, by Twitch streamer The Nerdy Steve.

One noteworthy card from among the spoilers is Better Offer, a blue Sorcery spell that can steal a random creature from your opponent’s deck, with more powerful creatures available the more mana you spend. Seems unreliable but fun! On the opposite end of the spectrum, one of the two uncommon cards, Kami of Bamboo Groves, is an incredible green ramp spell, which would surely attract a ban if it were ever printed in Standard.

The card previews shown on Sunday also revealed the release date for Alchemy: Kamigawa. It’s coming this Thursday, on March 17. Since it’s an Alchemy release, it’ll only be for MTG Arena – sorry tabletop fans.

Based on the latest Magic: The Gathering Standard set, Kamigawa Neon Dynasty, Alchemy: Kamigawa is a supplement for the (still fairly new) Alchemy format, which contains digital-only effects that would be impractical on the tabletop, such as changing the cost of cards in your hand. Magic creator Wizards of the Coast has said it will feature approximately 30 cards in total, which will be the standard size of future Alchemy sets.

After Alchemy: Kamigawa, we’ll have at least 15 spoiler-free minutes until Streets of New Capenna spoilers emerge on April 7. For more on that set, including release dates, faction details, and those few spoilers that have already made themselves known, check out our Streets of New Capenna guide.